miami fl: Mr. Seller, please leave! - 03/16/10 03:26 AM
There's a reason why I always insist that the home sellers leave the house when I'm showing it to a perspective buyer. More often then not the seller sticks their foot in their mouth, and low and behold, yesterday it happened................again. I was showing a beautifully-kept home that was flawless in every sense of the word. The prospective buyer was sold and was already talking about making an offer while we were still in the house. Then, as the buyer proceeded to comment on the lovely piano the seller it comes..........are you ready?........"Oh thank you! It belonged to my mother-in-law … (4 comments)

miami fl: Why scapegoat the appraisal? - 01/27/10 04:15 AM
Appraisals are killing real estate deals. This should come of surprise to no one. As a matter of fact, the appraisal has come up short on my last four transactions. It's quite common for appraisals to come in at $25000 below contact prices, or even more. Just this week I had a property appraise at $140,000 below the contract price! Needless to say, all parties are in shell shock. Yes, the listing agent, the seller, the buyer, and myself expected that we would come up short, and would have to then re negotiate. However, this is more then 100% off from … (0 comments)

miami fl: The FHA monkey wrench - 12/10/09 04:06 AM
The FHA monkey wrench
Generally speaking, the real estate industry is cautiously optimistic that we're presently at the beginning of a market recovery.  The signs of this recovery are primarily manifesting themselves in the entry-level sector of the market.  This is to be expected, as real estate markets tend to recover from the bottom up; today this is largely an FHA-loan fueled recovery.  So why then is the FHA looking to throw a monkey wrench in to the works?
I'm quite weary of the proposed changes to FHA loans for 2010.  Here are just a few:
•·         Minimum credit score of … (1 comments)

miami fl: A flick of a switch - 12/02/09 04:06 AM
I currently have one of my listings under contract that is scheduled to close tomorrow.  This is a nearly new home.  To my surprise, I just got a call from the lender saying that they need to do a re appraisal because the initial appraisal report did not indicate whether the electricity was on at the time of the appraisal.  Now, I know it was, yet no matter my assurances, the lender said that the property would have to be re appraised.  In other words, the lender is going to pay an appraiser to come to the property tomorrow to flick … (2 comments)

miami fl: The evolution of the buyer - 11/18/09 06:35 AM
Buyers are evolving, and for the better. Up until the beginning of 2009, an abundance of inventory, coupled with a 'sky is falling" mentality lead many to believe that the real estate market was theirs for the taking. They were now in the driver's seat! And as a result they were submitting such ridiculously low-ball offers that most often didn't stand a chance of being considered. They made these obscene offers very often because "a friend of a friend of a friend" got such a phenomenal deal on a home , that it must be possible to do. And they tried … (2 comments)

miami fl: How to buy a bank owned home - 10/14/09 03:51 AM
Unfortunately, there's more then a grain of truth in this very funny video:

miami fl: Social Networking Group - 09/11/09 02:22 AM
My broker has started a Social Networkng Group in our office.  I have been "voluteered" to run a host of monthly meetings so that our group members may share, interact, and learn from one another about what we're doing to create new business opportunities through the use of various social networking outlets.  We've gone through three meetings already, and I can see that my biggest challenge is simply keeping our members egaged and interested.  While they all may say that Social Networkng, blogging, and an active online presence may be the future of our industry, I don't think that they really beleive it.  More and more … (1 comments)

miami fl: Why social media? - 08/20/09 05:37 AM
Participation in social media by real estate professionals is really in its infancy.  Relatively speaking, there are very few real estate professionals that are active bloggers or participants in social media circles for the express purpose of providing a public service.  I have no idea how many licensees there are in the United States, yet I'm sure that the 155,000 or so that are on Active Rain's network alone is but a minuscule drop in the bucket.  As a matter of fact, in my own office it's less then one percent.  I've only been blogging for six months or so, and I can honestly say that the … (0 comments)

miami fl: Market outlook single family Miami-Dade COunty - 08/05/09 04:15 AM
As you may have noticed, prices are beginning to bottom out, and we are at the beginning of the end of this depreciating cycle.  The next six months will specifically reveal exactly where that bottom actually was.  As with any economic cycle, you never know the exact bottom until you've past it.  The foreseeable future for the single family home market in Dade County is that we will soon return to a state of predictable equilibrium, where the forces of supply and demand create a balanced market with roughly six months of inventory; we now have twelve months of inventory.  In … (0 comments)

miami fl: Take me home... - 07/31/09 06:13 AM
I need a home!  
Here's a new friend to anyone out there that wants a great family pet... This is real estate related.................Right????please call:Monica Gaitan (305)668-1629 … (0 comments)

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