I Am Ready To Short Sale My Home, Now What?             Well, get prepared for a lot of paperwork, a lot of waiting, and a lot of paperwork.  Then you will need to wait some more.  Get the right agent Have a legitimate reason to short sale Be prepared to give a lot of documentation Be ready to ta...
            First of all, whoever came up with the term "short sale" should be cited for false advertising.  The only thing "short" about a short sale tends to be the patience of everyone involved.  As any buyer or agent that has been involved in any number of short sales can attest to, the proc...
     These are times that we are going to look back at and say, "Wow!"  Keep in mind though, that now is just a moment in time.  Things change, markets progress, some people do well, others lose out.      We saw another signiifcant drop in the 30-year fixed rate- down to 5.78% from last week's lo...
      For numerous, perhaps countless numbers of reasons, home buyers today seem more hesitant than ever to pull the trigger when given the opportunity to buy a home that fits 99% of their criteria.       Too many times, peope get frustrated with the home searching process becasue they can't find...
  Yes for those wanting to buy a home for well under market value, put some money in and still have $60k in equity (even in today's market!), then this is for you!  Be ready to buy everything except lower kitchen cabinets and the tile counters and the windows.  Needs ALL flooring, cabinets, pain...
30-Year Rate Drops under 6%! As a relief to many home buyers, the average 30-year fixed rate fell from 6.35% to 5.93%.  The 15-year rate fell almost half a percent as well anf the 5- year ARM rose  slightly.  Ed Kashmareck, economist for Wells Fargo & Company had this to say: "In the most recent ...
     Okay, so the title sounds a little "hip-hip horray!" but seriously, this is a wonderful tool to help buyers get the homes of their dreams that are in a nightmarish condition!       The traditional way to get repairs and such done was to either ask for repair credit at close of escrow or put ...
Here is how the HUD Foreclosures work and why it is turning out to be such a HOT opportunity in San Diego.  A HUD Foreclosure takes place when a borrower on an FHA loan defaults and goes into foreclosure.  FHA will purchase the loan back from the lender and pay them the amount of the loan.  FHA t...

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