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3 Geneseo Circle Milford MA home for Sale New Listing! Overview Maps Photos Description $349,000 Single Family Home Main Features 4 Bedrooms2 Bathrooms1 Partial BathroomInterior: 2,600 sqftLot: 1.11 acre(s) Location 3 Geneseo CircleMilford, MA 01757-1008USA To get updates on open home dates and o...
Yea, the Blog is good, but Did you Read the Comments! Can I preface this blog by saying really?  Who ever thought in a million years that a Realtor or anyone else for that matter would be encouraged to blog and actually have it be part of their business plan.    Holy cow, it almost seems ridiculo...
So you want to be a Realtor Preface:   I have enjoyed a rewarding and exciting career in real estate for the past 25 years.    This is what I have learned.    I began my real estate journey over 25 years ago.   Night after night sitting in the Police house kibitzing with some of the officers even...
Feedback I believe your listing has Fleas   Preface:  This post fits into the category, "Another Day in the Life of a Realtor." I have an investor couple who are looking, well naturally for an investment, but more specifically a home that they can fix up and keep as a rental type of property.    ...
The Trade Off in a Real Estate Purchase I think of trade offs as the exchange of one thing for another and its just part of life.   We do it all the time with out thinking, but for some reason, when it comes to a real estate purchase some buyers hit the brakes.   During this real estate career of...
Why I can't update you on the progress of your neighbors home. Ever since the first days of my real estate career over 25 years ago, the questions most asked of me after meeting a new or old acquaintance are "How are you?" followed by, "How is Real Estate?" So naturally it comes as no surprise to...
A Story About A Great Man, His Family and Friend.  RIP Felix "Doc" Peter. I read this article about Doc Peter (my Dad's bud) and was so moved that I felt I had to share.    Felix "Doc" Peter age 90 died on July 25th.   Doc was a veteran of WWII and even more specifically the battles at Siapan and...
297 Lincoln St Franklin MA Another Sold Property Carol Ann Palmieri Remax Exec Another sold home in Franklin MA courtesy of Al and Cal Realty Group at Remax Executive Realty.    It never ceases to tug at my heart strings when a Buyer makes their first purchase and is so unbelievably happy and app...
  Every Seller Needs to Hear Something Positive About their Home How many times do you look at a home with your professional eye and think, "Oh, this driveway is going to be a problem", or, "what the heck were they thinking with this color?".     What do we do then?   We sit down with the Seller ...
Has Social Media Become a Vehicle for Big Business?  If so Why do we Call it Social? The first I heard of "social media" was though the kids, although, I don't think they were calling it social media at the time.   The kids heads were engrossed in My Space.   The news was continually warning us o...

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