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Transit oriented development (TOD) has been a hot button for a decade. I was on the bus yesterday and as we passed a gas station on Lorain I saw that  regular fuel would cost me $4.05/gallon. Yes, it's better today (relatively speaking!) at $3.99/gallon.  But wouldn't you like to save money and l...
Here is an article in Inman news on some agents in San Diego who decided to switch to Tempo 5 for their MLS system. According to the article, there has been a bit of an uproar from agents now using this system. I haven't posted here in a while but I felt the urge based on this Inman News story. M...
I discovered Puritas Park Town Homes when I had a buyer client a few years ago. She was a flight attendant and living close to Hopkins airport was one of her requests. Puritas Park is definitely a great find. And I happen to have one listed for sale at 4541 Big Met Place. The Bellaire Puritas are...
If I fantasize about myself being a renter, there is one thing for sure: I want enough amenities to make me happy while I am home, to allow me to become a part of my home community and interact with people, but not so many amenities that I don't go out and become a part of the larger community. D...
Back in the day I worked for an advertising company and we all moaned and groaned about tangled phone cords. I was always spouting off about inventing a way to hook up the receiver to the phone on a ball so the cord would stay straighter.  Of course I only whined about it, didn't try to invent it...
We are real estate professionals of one sort or another right? So we always have goals. Well, some of these are work related and some aren't.  But I'm hoping you guys can relate. A fellow Cleveland blogger asked me to do this, come up with 43 things I want to do in 2008...and the point is to make...
I've met some awesome people over the past six months and that is the up side to working on and caring about this issue....because it all moves so slowly. Having said that, here is what is new or newer (now I sound like a Realtor®) regarding passenger rail/The Ohio Hub.First, most of my rail post...
I just spent the last half hour text messaging with a client. Who would have thought?When the iPHONE came out and Jeff Turner reviewed it, I was so jealous! First it was an Apple product and second it was wayyyyy sexy. Alas, it was only an ATA&T product, so I had to pass. Luckily for me, Verizon ...
There are two thought provoking posts on the board today getting my brain in a swirl. The first one was on the issue of California Sub Prime Relief by Lenn Harley. This post is replete with the relief issue as proposed by the California Governor, and the general question of how involved should Th...
I'm not kidding; look at the photo I snapped of the Reflecting Pond across from Wade Chapel in Lake View Cemetery. Yes, it is that peaceful and gorgeous. Elliot Ness had his ashes scattered in this pond. Are you curious? Are you curious about all the other famous people buried in the hundreds of ...

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