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Apparently Google is testing the waters on an 'On Air' advertising program. They are selling ads and a story in The Washington Post piqued my interest because I see a lot of Realtors® whom I respect here on AR using radio ads. Google seems to be conducting the 'ad sales' like an eBay auction. The...
I recently got a listing for an elegant beauty of a building. It originated when trolley cars in Cleveland first switched from horse power of the hay eating kind, to electric power. It is not as large or intricate as the building in this photo, but still architecturally significant and full of po...
Keith, I think this group is a grand idea! All of the recipes in here so far are whetting my appetite. I decided to include a recipe for a dish that can be used for  Broker's Opens. I don't know about everyone else's area, but when you serve food you are more likely to get people to come see your...
It has been so gratifying to begin reading Realty Blogging along with other Rainers, with the intention of brainstorming our way through the book as we go along! I am only on Chapter Three, but it has been mind expanding (in a good way!) while also bringing up questions and looking for feedback. ...
 Are we all guilty of not supporting our community stores? I know many or most of us who are active in the Active Rain Puddle frequently comment on how we like the sense of community we all have here; it's important to us. Now most of us here are involved in the Real Estate profession in one way ...
 Cleveland's West Side is home to the Longmead Puritas Neighborhood, also known as Bellaire Puritas. It makes up almost a quarter of Cleveland's economic base. It has an exciting future ahead of it for several reasons: it's close proximity to NASA and Hopkins International Airport; it's already e...
I am so tired of hearing how wonderful Chicago is, how many opportunities there are in Chicago, how fabulous the food is there, blah blah blah. And why I would listen to this dreck from a Clown who couldn't even find his nose if his life depended on it, is beyond me.  And certainly someone who co...
Happy Thanksgiving Week Rainers! Since blogging is supposed to reveal a little bit of myself to those who read my posts, I have to say, I love to cook (just look at the chipmunk like cheeks on my photo I guess you at LEAST knew already that I like to eat!)  My new son Damion got the week started ...
Have you experienced the rancor that can develop when a local government decides to exert it's powers to declare a portion of the community Blighted and use it's powers of Eminent Domain? Traditionally, State and Local governments can use Eminent Domain when there is a public purpose, something t...
It's happened too many times, the look of disappointment on a client's face when reality sets in. They want desperately to own a home, be a part of the American Dream, but they just don't qualify yet. Too much debt, no savings, medical bills, could be a lot of reasons. It makes me sad. It makes t...

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