great time to buy: To Buy Or Not To Buy Now...Here are 4 Reasons To Consider Now - 04/12/11 02:52 AM
I subscribe to the KCM Blog.  The author, Steve Harney, is a market researcher.  Unlike some of the others, he has been a real estate practitioner for many years.  I have heard him speak on a few occasions and his understanding of the national, and more importantly, the hyper-localism, of the real estate market is impressive. 
Today's post talks about the 4 Financial Reasons to Buy Now.  Sitting on the sidelines will impact your buying power.  For example, for every 1% the interest rates rises, that decreases your buying power by 10%!  That means the $250,000 house you can afford now, … (4 comments)

great time to buy: The Wait Is Over - 02/11/11 02:09 AM
One of my favorite blogs to follow is by Steve Harney, of Keeping Current Matters.  He is a real estate market researcher and presents his findings in an easy to understand way and uses great visuals to support his findings.  In today's post his message is something so important for the consumer to understand.  We as real estate professionals need to be able to make a compelling case as we advise and education our clients about the cost of waiting for prices to continue to drop.  The wait is over...between the rising interest rates and prices slowly on the climb, the … (1 comments)

great time to buy: Benefits for buyers and sellers in MA with the SJC ruling - 01/10/11 09:39 AM
The MA State Judicial Court on Friday made a ruling on foreclosures is predicted to have far reaching affects, most likely nation wide.  Basically, it voided 2 foreclosures due to questions that arose over whether the mortgage companies that foreclosed had the assignment of ownership to actually allow them to foreclose.
The court decided that, since proper procedures were not followed, there was no legal transfer of the mortgage to the new bank. If the new bank didn’t legally own the loan, they had no right to foreclose on it.
There are a lot of opinions and a lot of unanswered … (1 comments)

great time to buy: Shaq on Letterman talking about living in Sudbury, MA - 01/07/11 01:06 AM
Earlier this week, Shaquille O'Neal was on The David Letterman Show.  Shaq has such a great sense of humor...his timing and delivery is incredible.  He and Dave had a chemistry...pretty funny! 
So, when Shaq signed on to play with the Celtics this year, he said he Googled Big House Outside Boston.He came up with the 10 acre compound he purchased in Sudbury.  He loves it...wild turkeys, wild foxes, wild bears.  OK, well we can go with turkeys and foxes...bears are a bit of a stretch, but far be it from me to tell Shaq he doesn't see wild bears in Sudbury.I … (4 comments)

great time to buy: Mortgage rates hit rock bottom in 2010 - 01/02/11 07:38 AM
The national average on a 30 year fixed rate mortgage dropped to 4.36% in August 2010-lower than it's been in the past half century.  Interest rates for the same time last year averaged 5.19%, representing a difference of $90 in the monthly payment on a $200,000 home with 10% down, as well as a savings of $32,460 over the life of the loan.
While interest rates have begun to climb, they remain at historic lows.  Like interest rates, the housing market will remain at the bottom only so long.  Every major price index points to a housing market that has hit … (0 comments)

great time to buy: It's prime time to buy a home! - 12/07/10 11:39 AM
I just read a great ebook called "7 Reasons Why Now Is a Great Time To Buy a Home!"  It's filled with positive, exciting information to help buyers seize the incredible market opportunities available to them right now.  Over the next seven weeks, I'll be sharing key excerpts from this ebook with yo uin my blog.  For a free copy of this ebook, contact me and I'll send it your way.

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