reverse mortgage: Launch - 03/25/08 09:20 AM
I'm glad to announce my new website, is a place where people can go to find out about Reverse Mortgages, my specialty.
I have a free, 15-page booklet called "Your Reverse Mortgage Guide" for anyone who wants one - just fill out the form and I'll email or US mail to you right away.
Of course, feel free to give me a call if you have any questions.  I'm always happy to help!
Watch this space for more information about Reverse Mortgages...

reverse mortgage: Reverse Mortgage - 09/27/07 03:23 PM
I have bee studying the role that Reverse Mortgages have to play in our market.  The Leesburg area is home to one of the largest retirement communities in the Florida, called The Villages.  Since Fannie Mae now guarantees Reverse Mortgages, I think we're going to see a LARGE increase of people taking advantage of this interesting financial option.
Things were starting to really take off --- then our market corrected.
Even though things have changed, I think that the future look bright for Reverse Mortgages.


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