charlotte nc relocation: Resources for Your Charlotte NC Relocation - 02/11/13 04:04 AM
Resources for Your Charlotte NC Relocation
Moving to Charlotte NC?
Another large employer, MetLife, just announced a possible relocation to the South Charlotte area of Ballantyne.  If you are one of these employees or someone else considering a move to the Charlotte region, you probably have many basic questions about life in the Queen City.
You may want to live in the South Charlotte area or you may want to consider areas directly to the south, such as Union County NC.  Here are links to some resources about living in the area that may help you make a decision about your move.

charlotte nc relocation: Comparison of Charlotte Property Taxes with Area Small Towns - 09/05/12 01:22 AM
Falling leaves and frosty mornings are not the only things that arrive in the fall.  Fall months are also when property tax bills arrive in the mailbox.  Property owners in Charlotte NC and the surrounding areas have already received their 2012-13 property tax bills.

How do property taxes in Charlotte compare with the taxes in surrounding towns?
Charlotte’s property taxes include taxes for Mecklenburg County plus City of Charlotte taxes.  Two other small towns located in Mecklenburg County are Matthews and Mint Hill.  A comparison of property taxes for these three municipalities is shown in the table below.  The taxes … (0 comments)

charlotte nc relocation: Moving to Charlotte NC? - 06/22/12 10:14 PM
Are you thinking of moving to Charlotte?  The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce just released a new video about the city’s amenities and lifestyle.  Watch the video to see what Charlotte has to offer in the arts, schools, attractions, sports, climate, amenities and friendly people.

Want to know more about real estate and living in Charlotte?  Request a free Charlotte relocation package.
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charlotte nc relocation: Moving to Charlotte NC? Here's How to Register Your Car and Get Your License - 12/17/11 08:34 AM
Moving to Charlotte NC?  Here's How to Register Your Car and Get Your License
Are you a newcomer to Charlotte and North Carolina?  Your head is probably spinning from all the details of your move and all the things you need to do to get settled in. 
You've closed on your new home and unpacked the boxes.   What should you think about next?
It's time to register your car and other vehicles and get your North Carolina driver's license.  How much time do you have to take care of these tasks?  You should register your vehicles within thirty days of … (2 comments)

charlotte nc relocation: Charlotte NC Gets Chiquita Banana Corporate Headquarters - 11/30/11 06:33 AM
Charlotte NC Gets Chiquita Banana Corporate Headquarters
Chiquita Banana announced yesterday that it will move its corporate headquarters to Charlotte NC.  The company estimates that it will relocate approximately 200 jobs to our fair city with another 200 jobs becoming available.
Those of us who live in Charlotte are not surprised that Chiquita Banana chose Charlotte for its new headquarters.  We know that Charlotte is a destination city for newcomers from all over the country and that more people move into Charlotte every year than move out.
Why not?  Charlotte has a mild four season climate, a bustling arts and … (2 comments)

charlotte nc relocation: Charlotte NC Relocation--What Type of Exterior Siding is on the Homes? - 11/15/11 01:24 AM
Charlotte NC Relocation—What Type of Exterior Siding is on the Homes?
I often work with Charlotte NC newcomers who are not familiar with the variety of materials used on the exteriors of homes here.  They may be relocating from a part of the country where homes are built predominately with one material, such as wood or stucco.  As we tour Charlotte homes, I find that I must give lessons on the exterior materials used and the pros and cons of each type.
Here is a short guide to help newcomers to learn about the exteriors on Charlotte homes.

charlotte nc relocation: Charlotte NC Relocation--Where Will I Find a Job? - 08/14/11 04:17 AM
Charlotte NC Relocation—Where Will I Find a Job?
Where are the jobs in Charlotte NC?  Who are Charlotte’s largest employers?  What types of jobs are available in Charlotte?
If you are considering a move to the Charlotte area, you may be wondering about where you will find work.  This article will outline some of the basics about the Charlotte NC job market.  This information comes from the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce website.
Where are Charlotte’s jobs and what employment sectors are strong in the city?
Charlotte is located within Mecklenburg County, which is the hub of the Charlotte region.  Mecklenburg County … (0 comments)

charlotte nc relocation: Property Taxes in Charlotte-Mecklenburg and Union County NC--A Comparison - 07/19/11 07:54 AM
Property Taxes in Charlotte-Mecklenburg and Union County NC—A Comparison
Charlotte NC home buyers often ask me to compare the property taxes in Charlotte versus Union County NC and its small towns.  Everyone has heard that taxes are lower outside Charlotte.  Are they really lower?  If so, by how much?
It’s July and counties and municipalities have just completed the process of adopting their budgets and setting the tax rate to fund those budgets for the coming year.  Using the new tax rates, let’s compare property taxes for three cities in Mecklenburg County with some of Union County’s towns.  The numbers in … (0 comments)

charlotte nc relocation: Charlotte NC Property Taxes--What You Need to Know - 03/17/10 03:37 AM
Charlotte NC Property Taxes—What You Need to Know
Considering a move to Charlotte NC?  If so, you are probably interested in property taxes in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.  Here are some questions that newcomers to Charlotte ask me about taxes in the area.
How are property taxes calculated in Charlotte NC?
Property taxes are calculated by adding the county tax rate and the city tax rate plus the tax rates for any special tax districts that apply to a particular property.   This combined tax rate is multiplied times each $100 of a property’s assessed value to determine the year’s tax … (1 comments)

charlotte nc relocation: Charlotte NC One of Country's Healthiest Housing Markets - 03/16/10 07:02 AM
Charlotte NC One of Country’s Healthiest Housing Markets
Builder Magazine just released its list of the top 20 healthiest housing markets in the country for 2010.  Charlotte NC ranked #3 on this list.  Six other Carolinas housing markets were also in the top 20 list.  The Raleigh-Cary market was just ahead of Charlotte at #2.
Builder Magazine created a Builder Market Health Index which used household formations, resale values and job and income growth to rank the top 100 housing markets (determined by number of permits pulled in 2009) by health.  The magazine cautions that the top twenty markets are healthier … (0 comments)

charlotte nc relocation: Charlotte NC Snow Day! - 02/13/10 01:09 AM
Charlotte NC Snow Day!
We don't have many opportunities for snow in Charlotte NC. But today is one of those rare days.  At my house we have about four inches of snow and brilliant blue skies.  Enjoy these photos that I took this morning around my yard.
Want to learn more about weather in Charlotte?
Moving from the North to Charlotte NC?  What You Need to Know about the Weather.





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charlotte nc relocation: Charlotte NC Ranks Well on Housing/Economic Recovery Lists - 12/14/09 01:47 AM
Charlotte NC Ranks Well on Housing/Economic Recovery Lists
Charlotte NC was the golden child of the Carolinas during the 1990s and the boom years after 2000.  Plentiful jobs, reasonable housing prices, low taxes and great weather lead to high growth and prosperity for the Queen City.  The economic slowdown came late to Charlotte but the financial meltdown in the fall of 2008 brought the national economic crisis home.
Have the financial meltdown and the resulting Great Recession knocked Charlotte NC off its golden perch?  Perhaps not.  Forbes Magazine recently published three articles that ranked American cities in terms of their prospects … (0 comments)

charlotte nc relocation: Charlotte NC Relocation Still Tops in The Country - 05/27/09 02:49 AM
Charlotte NC is still a top relocation destination in the country according to two new studies.  Each of these studies looked at Charlotte NC relocation from a different perspective. used 2008 population estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau to determine which metropolitan areas over one million in population had grown the most from 2007 to 2008.  In this study, Charlotte grew 3.36%, ranking third behind Raleigh NC and Austin TX.  Charlotte's growth slowed from the previous year when it grew by 4.2%. concluded that diverse business opportunities, great weather and affordable housing were reasons that Charlotte and others ranked … (0 comments)

charlotte nc relocation: Moving from the North to Charlotte NC? What You Need to Know About the Weather. - 02/04/09 01:38 AM
Are you contemplating a move to Charlotte NC? What are your worst fears about the move?  Could it be the weather?!?! 

The weather in Charlotte is a popular topic for people considering a move here and fears about tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding and other weather events are among the questions I am asked most often by potential newcomers.
Here is what newcomers from the northern United States need to know about Charlotte weather.
You will love our mild winters.  Cold weather doesn't really begin until after Christmas and it usually ends around March 15 when the first flowering trees and … (5 comments)

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