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You know what really ticks this old bird off?  (Of course you don't, so that's why I'm asking you!) I get ticked off when the media just blurts out some figure that is erroneous or has nothing to do with the cost of tea in China!  Remember when they interview that fellow from Redfin?  I mean, the...
I think there is a BIG surprise awaiting folks when it comes to rising property values...and it s right around the corner! Property values and appreciation are going to escalate again...just like they used to! Really...I'm not kidding, I'm serious as a heart attack. If you are a real estate specu...
DO YOU KNOW ANY AGENTS LIKE THIS ONE? It's amazing to me that the general public seems to have pegged all REALTORS in the category as this fellow.  Click on link below: How can we get a campaign going that wil...
Greetings Brother and Sister REALTORS! This is sort of will help you look and sound MUCH better when out among the public...and perhaps when you are around your coworkers...maybe even your broker! Today...the old lady (Me) wants to help you with a tiny issue that the majority of Re...
I'm a pretty optimistic person; in fact, you could say that I am quite optimistic and positive to the tune that it bothers a lot of naysayers.  I, on the other hand, say to heck with naysayers anyway! Locally I have seen quite a change in our real estate economy with homes selling in multiple off...
I've been hearing rumors and quiet stirrings about this for the past few weeks now, and it turns out to be true!  In fact, when a neighbor doesn't pay his mortgage payment or home owners dues, it very likely will keep you from getting a loan on your own home, and this goes for new purchases AND r...
Good news for buyers! There is a buyers stimulus package available to first time buyers AND former homeowners who have not owned a home within the past 36 months here in California.  Up to $8,000.00 tax credit originating from the Federal Government and an additional $10,000.00 from the State of ...
I so enjoy it when any hard working Realtor achieves success.  But when it happens to a woman, a single mom at that, warms my heart.  I so agree with Barbara that when you get over the fear of making mistakes, when you stop being afraid to try new things...because...its then, that the d...
Well, on Tuesday I started not feeling very good, Tuesday evening was even worse.  What you might not know about me is that...I always try to talk myself out of getting sick. I tell myself stuff like "No, you feel perfectly fine, you just need a bit of a nap." and other stuff like that that seems...
  I mention this because irregardless of the manner in which you currently live your life or occupy your professional time, The Four Agreements, once fully understood and put into practice, will change your life for the better and you will find people seeking you out of the in the e...

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