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OK - I have always been a self-proclaimed lover of winter.  I relish the change of seasons, the snow, the illusion of peace and cleanliness that a new snow brings.  BUT -  I am ready to throw in the towel - or shovel, if you prefer.  To concede defeat to Mother Nature.  I am publicly announcing t...
Well, the first quarter of 2008 is almost over.  In the Toledo, Ohio area this has been a time of roller coaster rides and thrill-seekers.  At least in reference to real estate.In the Point Place neighborhood of Toledo, Ohio there is a very wide spread in pricing and values.  Our MLS uses zip cod...
Well, as many of you know, I wrote a post the other night about a little girl Beagle that found her way into our home.  She was claimed by her human, so we were a little brokenhearted.  To say the least.And not only were we upset, but our hairy four-legged son was absolutely crushed.  He sulked f...
Now with a title like that I'm sure you're thinking this will be about religion in some way. Well, I guess that's going to depend on you and how you interpret, or connect, the meaning of my words tonight.While I was sitting here coughing and sneezing with what I call a dreaded case of "the crud" ...

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