vernal utah: Rent vs Buy - 03/18/16 01:58 AM
I am encouraging Buyers to spend their rent money on their own home and invest in themselves.  I found the calculator rent vs buy and hope it is helpful to some buyers
Our market is down with the drop in oil prices and there are many renting but not all of them are in wait and see what their job does mode  or not financially such that they cannot purchase.  Its a good time for them to use their rent on their own property.

vernal utah: Free Daily Bread - 09/16/09 02:44 PM
I am a advocate of Food and other kinds of emergency storage.  I was made aware of this Free Sample of Daily Bread and decided to pass it on.  Give it a try. 
I have been planning to do some posts of Emergency Storage and maybe this will get me going on that.

vernal utah: Perseid Is Here Again! - 08/11/09 05:49 PM
I enjoy watching the Perseid Meteor shower every August in the Vernal, Utah Sky.  This year the best time is between 2-3 am August 12  MST.  Just lay outside and watching the sky as the lights pass by above.
Sometime we go up on the mountain to watch away from the city lights.  A much brighter show.  It is seen for a few nights before and after the prime time so take a look.
My Son's birthday is August 12! and I like to think it is a show in honor of him.

vernal utah: Double Rainbow! The Best.... - 08/04/09 01:35 PM
                                                 Recently heading toward Vernal I could not pass up snapping a few shots of this incredible double and full rainbow!  It was the most brilliant rainbow I have ever seen in my entire life.  The dark sky was an excellent backdrop....Other drivers were by the road with their cameras taking memories of the rainbow.

vernal utah: 6858 N 12125 E, LaPoint, Utah 84039 - 01/17/09 05:51 AM
Home in LaPoint,     Utah by Vernal, Utah
Stay At Home and Earn An Income
Includes Home, Large Shop and Kennels For Boarding Dogs
Zoning   Commercial           In a Rural Setting
Adjacent to BLM Land

9.75 Acres           4 Bedroom           1 3/4 Baths         2100  sq ft.
2 Car Garage      Hot Tub   Central Air     Fruit Trees
Horse Property     Valley View       15 Kennels with heated floors
Lowered $50,000 to  $280,000



Century 21 Dart … (1 comments)

vernal utah: Red Creek Garnet - 10/05/08 10:18 AM

Last weekends adventure was looking for Garnets up near the Red Creek by Browns Park, Utah.  We traveled a couple hours to get there.
As soon as we started to head out from the car to start searching one of the guys in our group looked down and there at the beginning was a beauty of a Garnet.  It was the find of the day!  We found some wonderful smaller Garnets and took some home to uncover that are still in their matrix or surrounding material.
We hope to get up there again this season before the cold weather makes … (6 comments)

vernal utah: Trike For Two ...or Take Me For A Ride! - 08/10/08 08:30 AM
Two Riders on a Trike.  It is a hot day and a ride seems like a great idea!   There is always Time to enjoy a summer  Trike ride.  Looks that the  rider is busy with other thoughts as they  head down the road.  Can't remember if this was before or after the successful Lemonade Stand!


vernal utah: One Day Tours Uintah County Vernal Utah - 03/24/08 12:55 PM
A visitor can come to Uintah County, Vernal, Utah for a long visit or as listed below a One Day Tour can be a choice.
1. Diamond Mountain Jones Hole & Fish Hatchery2. Indian Petroglyphs Dry Fork Canyon3. Red Cloud Loop Scenic Backway4. Red Fleet & Steinaker Lake State Parks 5. Dinosaur National Monument6. Outlaw Country7. Vernal Walking Tour8. Sheep Creek Canyon and Spirit Lake 9. Indian Canyon Scenic Byway10. North Fork of the Duchesne River11. Rock Creek Canyon and Upper Stillwater Reservoir
Check out the Sites that you can get to easily and learn more about the Vernal, Utah Area.

vernal utah: Vernal Equinox Is When..? and What? - 03/13/08 08:00 AM
The Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere is the exact date and time when the sun crosses over the Earth's equiater, and spring arrives.  It takes calculation to figure the precise time.
Living in Vernal, Utah brings this to my attention.
Follow the Vernal Equinox link to learn more about  this event.
 FYI in the Southern Hemishpere it is called the Autumnal Equinox.

vernal utah: 4 Story Hotel, Vernal, Utah, A First - 03/10/08 09:38 PM
The Merrill Group of Cos. LLC of Las Vegas opened a Lowe's Home Improvement Store in Vernal, Utah this last fall.  Now they are building a 109 room, four story hotel suites there.
Carol Dvorak, director of project management said that they went to build the shopping center and could not get a room  and had to stay 20 minutes away.  After doing a study they determined another hotel was needed and the are building one now.
Vernal residents will be happy to see more lodging for tourists again.  The energy field workers are living in many of the rooms in town and … (3 comments)

vernal utah: Butterfly Garden. Sit awhile! - 03/07/08 10:25 AM
I joined my grandchildren in Houston this week and even though my site is about Vernal, Utah I had such a good time at the Natural Science Museum I decided to let  you some about it.  You cannot touch the butterflies but if they land on you it is ok.  I was lucky and so was my granddaughter.   The children were very busy but on a quiet day you would be able to sit and watch the butterflies for a long time.  Sit down and watch a spell. 
Sometimes you need to get away from your regular routine and get a new Focus.                                                                             

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