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Education & Training - Although I'm retired, I love sharing my knowledge and learning from other real estate industry professionals.
As a retired agent, broker/owner, and property manager my blog is a menagerie of wisdom and ramblings from my career and life in general.



"If confusion is the first step to knowledge, I am well on my way to enlightenment."-Carol WilliamsEarlier today, I posted a video about the surge in Bitcoin Miners wanting to come to Wenatchee to take advantage of our inexpensive power rates.  It wasn't surprising that most people, like me, comm...
"Bitcoin is the beginning of something great: a currency without government, something necessary and imperative." -Nassim Nicholas TalebBitcoin mining has become a big issue in Wenatchee, Washington due to the availability of plentiful and inexpensive hydroelectric power.  If you understand bitco...
Q: Why does cleaning up my blog posts take so long? A: Because I keep getting distracted by the cool stuff I find. In an effort to clean and reorganize a closet or drawer or storage area, have you ever found something that you had totally forgotten about and you're happy to have found it?  Well, ...
"I don't mean to brag but I put together a puzzle in 1 day and the box said 2 - 4 years."  My sister-in-law (my late husband's sister) is here from Arizona for the summer.  She loves putting together puzzles so when I won a couple of Scramble Square puzzles in a golf basket I thought this would b...
Here is a round-up of links to all my posts from last week, in case you want to catch up on some you missed. We Are Wenatchee: Part 2 of 3  We invite you to choose this place; To visit, to explore, or to stay."   Testimonial Tuesday: Wenatchee Valley Museum  Visiting a museum can help you underst...
"We invite you to choose this place; To visit, to explore, or to stay."  The last two Sundays I have posted Part I and Part II of a short video series We Are Wenatchee.  Today, I am pleased to bring you We Are Wenatchee Part III.  I have already shared a lot of additional information on what I lo...
  "Sometimes you deserve a second chance, not because you weren't fabulous the first time but because the timing and circumstances weren't quite right. You just got overlooked."-Carol Williams  Does getting Featured here in The Rain sometimes feel like a roll of the dice? Not anymore.  I'm always...

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