customer service: Is Doing A Good Job Enough? - 07/16/19 10:10 AM

"All customers are partners in your mission." 
-Shep Hyken
I have a dilemma. I've been wrestling with how to write this post because I don't want to come across as a prima donna.
I have a chiropractor who I've been going to for several years and love what he has been able to do for me and always makes me feel like a special client. I've written a testimonial for him more than once.  He also has a physical therapy department which I never had cause to go to until recently.  My primary care physician recommended a different physical therapy service provider, but … (68 comments)

customer service: Testimonial Tuesday: Keyhole Security - Wenatchee, WA - 02/26/18 10:50 AM

"If you are honest with me and give me amazing customer service I'll be loyal to you."
-Carol Williams
Today I want to give a big shout-out for Keyhole Security in Wenatchee, Washington.  Keyhole does pretty much anything having to do with locks, keys and home and business security systems. 
I have gone to Keyhole Security for many years, mostly to have various keys made.  I've always been pleased with their fast friendly service.  Last week I found a new reason to love this business.
Earlier this month I purchased a used Toyota Sienna van from my neighbors.  The neighbors lost the spare set … (27 comments)

customer service: Second Chance Saturday: Week 34 - 09/08/17 10:17 AM

"Sometimes you deserve a second chance, not because you weren't fabulous the first time but because the timing and circumstances weren't quite right. You just got overlooked."
-Carol Williams 
Here is another group of nominated posts for this week's edition of Second Chance Saturday.  
Remember, as you're reading blog posts here in The Rain, if you see Feature-worthy posts that haven't been featured send me a link.  I'll include it in the next edition of Second Chance Saturday.  
Is A Property Manager Worth The Cost?  
By: Dennis Schwartz 
"So what do we, as a property manager, add to the value of your investment?"  
Agents … (40 comments)

customer service: A Pet Peeve: Those Darn "Rewards" Cards - 11/11/07 04:17 PM
I loathe those stupid discount cards stores offer.  It's not the savings I  loathe.  I loathe the fact I have to fill out an application, and give them personal information to get a card to get the savings.  Shouldn't it be illegal for someone to require you give them your personal information (address, phone, etc) to get their discount?  I guess it's not illegal because it's not required to shop there... just to get the savings.These are called different things at different stores:  Albertsons has their "Preferred Savings Card"  Safeway has their "Safeway Club Card"   Staples has a "Rewards Card" … (13 comments)

customer service: The 60 Cent Customer Service Blunder - 07/05/07 06:21 AM
This morning I decided to sneak away from work and take my husband out to breakfast.  We thought we'd try something different, so we went about 5 miles out of our way (10 miles round trip) to go to a small diner in East Wenatchee.   We've been there before but not for quite some time.  Once inside and sat down I remembered why we don't go there much.  I had forgotten how slow the service is.  The two waitresses are doing everything out in the dining room... taking money, cleaning tables, filling coffee cups, making coffee, AND eventually taking orders.  Determined to … (5 comments)

customer service: What To Say When Customer Service Sucks - 05/11/07 03:42 AM
Recently, in her blog, my virtual friend Kristal Kraft created a post to bounce around ideas for dealing with telemarketers.  Telemarketers can, truly, be a source of great irritation.  And, their uncanny ability to call at the most inconvenient times is unexplainable. My ongoing pet peeve is poor customer service and poor attitudes in the customer service sector.  So, I got to thinking perhaps I could start a script list ,somewhat like Kristal did in her blog, for dealing with customer service people.  Then, you all can add your suggestions as well.  So, next time you are on the receiving end … (3 comments)

customer service: Is Customer Service Dying? - 05/10/07 05:50 AM
What has happened to customer service?  Is our economy so good companies don't have to offer decent customer service any more?  I am constantly amazed at the poor service people and companies offer... and still stay in business.   I call plumbers and they say they will do a job then never show at the appointment time.  Nor do they return phone calls when you inquire.  Other subcontractor types are the same.
I am also constantly amazed at the number of people who, when I answer my phone, say "Oh, I was going to leave a message.  I didn't expect you to … (7 comments)

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