wenatchee real estate: Weekly Round-up: Sept. 9 - 15, 2018 - 09/15/18 08:46 AM
"Focus on being productive rather than busy." 
Happy Monday! I always enjoy putting together my weekly round-up of posts from the previous week. It is sort of a productivity check for me.
It's been a low production week for me, with being gone for a few days and having company. 
Here's the short list:
Another Dear Friend Gone To The Golf Course In The Sky 
Friends who golf together, stay together."  
Next Up: The Championship Match 
"In golf, the worst of all hazards is fear or apprehension. Be confident with every shot." 
Wenatchee Real Estate: August 2018 Market Report 
"Statistics are like a … (9 comments)

wenatchee real estate: Wenatchee Property Management - 01/21/09 09:03 AM
Willinger Real Estate has dramatically expanded our Wenatchee Property Management Services, and getting rave reviews.  Our priorities are good communication, being responsive to tenant needs, controlling costs AND maximizing returns to property owners.  One owner told us we are increasing his cash flow by $2,000 - $3,000 per month.  He owns 24 units.
As an example of our committment to communication, you can peruse one of the blogs we set up for our tenants at the Wenatchee Parkside Condo and Apartment complex.  The content of the blog is also put into written Memo form and personally delivered to each unit... to … (5 comments)

wenatchee real estate: Wenatchee, WA: Willinger Real Estate - 08/16/08 01:21 AM
 WhooHoo... after much ado Shelley Granger and I are very happy to announce the opening of our new Wenatchee real estate office.  Thursday, August 14th was our first official day.  As is apparent from the logo at left, the name of our new company is Willinger Real Estate, a result of combining our  last names (Williams and Granger).  We will focus on single family residential sales and listings, as well as multi-family and investor properties.   Incredible customer service is our main objective. We will continue with property management and soon be able to offer our services to Condo Home Owners Associations (HOA's) as well.    Currently, the company consists … (2 comments)

wenatchee real estate: Wenatchee Riverfront Development - 04/28/08 09:26 AM
Ken Blodgett, a major figure in the evolution of the Wenatchee riverfront development planning has put 4.7 acres up for sale for 3.5 million dollars.   This is property that was slated for condos.Blodgett's listing agent, Ron Stephenson of Premier One Properties, was quoted as saying: "The reason he decided to do it is because he's 68 years old and he decided he needed to kick back."Does Blodgett see the need for additional condos slowing?  Will all the recent condo conversions in Wenatchee and new builds (around town and at the riverfront) sustain market demand for a while?  Here is a link to the complete article from … (7 comments)

wenatchee real estate: What Does Median Money Buy In YOUR Market? - 03/31/08 01:34 PM
I was looking at the latest housing statistics for our Wenatchee real estate market the other day and got to wondering what "median money" bought in other markets across the country.  Our median price as of this month is $248,500 (up from $224,000 last year at this time)Here is a link to a few "median money" houses in the Wenatchee, Washington market area. This link will be active for 30 days.  I am curious about two things:   What is the median price in your market?  AND   What kind of a house does "median money" buy in your market?I prefer to discuss "median" (instead of average) because … (0 comments)

wenatchee real estate: The Million Dollar Career: New Agent Reality Check - 03/30/08 10:51 AM
Do you know someone who wants to get a real estate license, or recently passed the licensing exam and can't wait to start making the BIG money?I was sitting in a Brokerage Management class last week and it struck me how we could help new agents get over their unrealistic expectations about how much (easy) money they are going to make. The instructor was pointing out that every new agent interview should include an income and expense forecast... BEFORE they hang their license with ANY office.  The following scenario is simplified, but you'll get the idea.  During the hiring interview...* First they have to determine what their minimum monthly personal … (15 comments)

wenatchee real estate: Don't Tell Me Your Client Has A Child - 03/15/08 09:45 AM
Even after 27 years as a licensed real estate agent in the state of Washington, I experienced a "first" recently.  It just goes to prove every day and every transaction (and every agent) is different.Here is the course of events:* We received an offer on one of our listings.  Very low offer* We counter-offered * We received a counter to our counter that is lower than the original offer!   Did you read that whole sentence?  We received a counter to our counter that was lower than the original offer.We figure the buyer is just playing games and ignore the counter to … (10 comments)

wenatchee real estate: Larry Cragun Honors Carol Williams Blog - 03/05/08 06:54 AM
I was honored to have my blog article "Not All Home Inspections Are Created Equal" nominated by Larry Cragun, over at Real Estate Undressed , as one of the 7 best consumer blog articles for the month of February.  It's always good to know someone actually reads this stuff I write! 
Here are all the nominees:
Carol Williams: Carol's Wenatchee.com: Not All Home Inspections Are Created Equal
Dan Melson: Getting Out Of Pre-Payment penalties: Searchlight Crusade
Dan Rafter: The worst of the predators: Going after the elderly. Property Crossroads.com
Jennifer Kirby: Home Owners want to be lied to: Minneapolis Real Estate Blog
Jeremy Hart: NRVLiving Real … (0 comments)

wenatchee real estate: And The Oscar Goes To... - 02/26/08 04:34 PM
Well, it's not exactly an OSCAR, but it's a pretty big deal.  Wenatchee has been placed #1 on the Office of Federal Housing Oversight's Housing Price Index for the fourth consecutive quarter.  In spite of a national downturn, Wenatchee remains stong!More commentary and a link to the complete article can be found on my primary Carol's Wenatchee blog.  … (7 comments)

wenatchee real estate: Wenatchee: Home Sales Up - 02/15/08 12:08 PM
I have continued to tout a healthy level of sales activity for Wenatchee real estate, in spite of significant negative publicity nationwide.  An article in today's Wenatchee World newspaper confirms my impression.Defying a state and national trend, homes sales in the last quarter of 2007 were up in the Wenatchee area and a six county area including: Chelan, Douglas, Columbia, Walla Walla, Whatcom, and Adams counties.   Here is a link to a complete article published in the Wenatchee World today, with details of recent home sale activity statewide.  Our strong and diverse economy should continue to sustain healthy real estate activity locally.  … (2 comments)

wenatchee real estate: Wenatchee, WA: 2007 Brief Market Summary - 02/02/08 04:07 PM
2007 was a very good year for real estate in the Wenatchee area.  In spite of a national downturn, our home sales remained active... with some slowing in sales activity creating a much needed pricing stabilization.  The slowdown was actually a welcome reprieve from the frenzy of the last couple years.  When you've seen appreciation like we have (#1 in the nation 3 quarters in a row), a slowdown is exactly what was needed to put a reality check on escalating prices.  Increasing interest rates (which are now going down again) and the tightening mortgage atmosphere were the two main factors … (2 comments)

wenatchee real estate: I Won A Pricing Contest - 01/27/08 12:13 AM
I was informed last week that I won a pricing contest.Late last summer my business partner and I were out on our weekly (new listings) tour when we came across an old farmhouse in East Wenatchee built in 1909.  It was kind of a cool old house with 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and 2432 square feet of living space and sat on a decent sized lot (.34 acres).  It had been updated, but not overly so.  It was comfortable but not fancy.The listing agent was having a pricing contest.  It was listed at $289,900 and she wanted us to put our business card in a … (6 comments)

wenatchee real estate: Broadview Homes In Wenatchee, Washington - 01/16/08 02:13 PM

Broadview is a very popular neighborhood in Wenatchee (Chelan County), with very little turnover.  As with Briarwood, there are only 3 homes for sale in Broadview at this time.  On market times for current listings are considerably longer than in 2007:2080 Broadcrest   $479,900   3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms   2962 square feet2067 Broadcrest   $565,000   5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms   3500 square feet2071 Broadcrest   $575,000   3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms   3546 square feetThere were 5 sales during the calendar year of 2007.  On market times were generally under 3 months:2017 Broadhurst      $480,000   4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms   3442 square feet2022 Maiden Lane   $497,000   4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms   2942 square feet2010 Maiden Lane   $560,000   4 … (5 comments)

wenatchee real estate: East Wenatchee's Briarwood: Market Report 2007 - 01/16/08 01:33 PM
I last reported on the homes for sale and sold activity in the Briarwood subdivision in East Wenatchee in early August of last year.  Briarwood is one of the most popular neighborhoods in East Wenatchee and homes sell fairly quickly there.  Last year homes sold within 30 - 150 days from the listing date.  Generally speaking, the higher the price the longer the days-on-market period.  Just as a point of interest, for the homes listed with "Briarwood" street addresses, the higher the number, the higher the elevation and the better the view.  Briarwood runs from west to east up the hill.  The other streets … (0 comments)

wenatchee real estate: Wenatchee's Affordable Housing Option - 12/17/07 03:33 PM
On my Wenatchee condo blog I discuss the idea of condos being the new "affordable housing" option.  As prices on single family homes have skyrocketed in the Wenatchee Valley over the last few years, there has been a public outcry for affordable housing.In response to this, many developers and investors have done apartment conversions and built more condos to meet the demand.  Condos start under $100K and offer a high quality of living for the money compared to single family homes in the current market.  Read the entire article at my Wenatchee Condo blog.For current inventory info and a FREE consultation contact … (9 comments)

wenatchee real estate: Wenatchee: Parkside Condos - 12/10/07 04:31 PM
My business partner, Shelley, and I have taken over the listings at Parkside Condos in Wenatchee.  The owner/agent has moved back to the wet side (oops... I mean west side) of the Cascades and has entrusted us with marketing these new construction condos.  Prices start at $199,950 and go up to $209,950.  And, the exciting news is, last week we were given clearance by the City of Wenatchee to market these as vacation rentals. To the best of our knowledge these are the only condo vacation rentals available in Wenatchee.I anticipate high demand for these as vacation rentals, which are so conveniently located … (2 comments)

wenatchee real estate: Wenatchee, WA: #1 In The Nation... AGAIN ! - 12/10/07 04:07 PM
Wenatchee real estate is in the spotlight once more, as the latest price index report from OFHEO  has named Wenatchee #1 in the nation for appreciation AGAIN.  If you click on that link, then click on the red "House Price Index" tab to get to the most current report.  Wenatchee has led the nation now for three consecutive quarters.  I don't know if this is a record or not, but it seems pretty phenomenal to me.  So, will this trend continue?  Our rate of appreciation has slowed but it is actually a welcome reprieve from the frenzy.   It is my … (5 comments)

wenatchee real estate: Wenatchee: PUD Approves 17 Year Power Contract With ALCOA - 12/04/07 03:46 PM
Today was an important day for the Wenatchee Valley economy.  The PUD commissioner's approval of a new 17 year power contract with the local ALCOA production facility assures the continuation of aluminum production here for a long time.  In addition to maintaining the 390 existing jobs, it should also generate about 60 new good paying jobs at the production facility.  AND, the trickle down economics indicate another 1.7 jobs will be created for every new job at ALCOA.  All of this appears to be great economic news... just adding to the strong and diverse economy we already enjoy.  The mighty Columbia … (2 comments)

wenatchee real estate: Wenatchee, WA: Columbia River Waterfront Home & Acreage (NOW SOLD) - 11/27/07 02:32 PM
Finding a really beautiful parcel of no bank waterfront on the Columbia River near Wenatchee is not easy.  Finding one that hasn't been priced by an extortionist is nye on impossible.  BUT, I have an inside track on just such a property.  Beautiful and value priced!If you know anyone who is serious about wanting a very special piece of Columbia River waterfront near Wenatchee, this is a property worth checking out.   It is NOT officially listed but I can arrange a private showing and help negotiate a purchase on this unique property.   This waterfront property is truly in a beautiful, private, setting just north of Orondo, … (5 comments)

wenatchee real estate: Wenatchee, Washington: How Is the Real Estate Market? - 11/23/07 07:42 AM
Happy Day-After-Thanksgivng.  Here is one of the lucky turkeys who survived!On my other Wenatchee real estate blog, I have posted current inventory numbers and a market activity summary for:   Single family homes   Manufactured homes   CondosWe are seeing a heavy percentage of activity in the manufactured & mobile home category, acceptable activity in single family homes, and very light activity in the condo sector.For details, here is the complete article posted earlier today.FREE search of ALL homes and land in the Wenatchee MLS Current Wenatchee condo  info, news, and trends Happy Holidays!Remember:Information Is FREE.  Knowledge, Experience & Integrity Are Priceless

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