Yes I do live in the self help section of the book store it seems.  I would like to know what are some of your favorite business or personal development books.  Mine are also attached... Tuned In. Good Luck. QBQ - The Question behind the question (ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITES). The 5 people you m...
Each year we hold a business planning retreat for our agents.  This year as we begin to build content I want to ask EVERY Agent out there to tell me.  What do you need? Are you needing encouragment that there is a light at the end of the tunnel? Are you needing hard core statistics to arm yoursel...
How are you using Facebook, My Space & Linkedin so that they all work together or connect in a cohesive way?  Between your Web pages and Active Rain for blogging?  How do you pull all this together so it is not so random? I love all the amazing tools online but is there one place that makes it al...
The St. Louis Chapter of the WCR will be holding a Busines Expo/ Fashion Show 11/12/09 at the Sheraton Chalet.  The event is a terrific way to ge your business noticed by a amazing group of Realtors.  There are currently 40 booths available and 30 models. Join us for a fabulous dinner and bring a...
I am working on Technology Symposium for my agents and one of the topics will be blogging.  Although I have been using a blog I would really like to hear some of your ideas and suggestions about what works, what doesn't and where should the focus be for these new agents I am training. So tell me ...

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