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Today we honor all the past presidents and our current President Trump. All of these guys have given their all to lead our great nation and whether you agree with all their policies or not they were our presidents or still is our President.I served in our military for 4 years and was stationed ov...
Sunday at church my friend Mart presided at the Lord's table. He had never been asked before since he had so many problems in the past. Someone in my wednesday night class at church told us he was going to be out of town and could not preside at the table on Sunday so I volunteered Mart who readi...
About 4 years ago Home Away(VRBO) made a big move not only charging the owners of the vacation rentals but also the vacationer trying to book. I decided right there and then to cease advertising my properties on vrbo. I have tried trip advisor and flip key and others but they all saw what vrbo wa...
As many of you know, I am a conservative type guy who served in the military and believes in the rule of law and the constitution. With that background I would like to highly recommend a new show series on Netflix called Designated Survivor. I was intrigued by the title and did a little research ...
    As many of you know I moderate a group here called "Spiritualrain". One of my most faithful to post in that group was Fran Gaspari from Pennsylvania. I could count on his posts pratically everyday. He was a very spiritual Catholic who loved his family and his church. About 9 months ago he dis...
My favorite boos to read are mostly fiction novels and the authors I normally read are Tom Clancy, Dale Brown and several others. I just stumbled upon an author named Joel Rosenberg. Joel is a Christian and includes end time prophecies in many of his writings. He will keep you in suspense and kee...
I was taking a bath this morning getting ready for work when the neighbor text me to tell me my chicken coop was on fire but his daughter got the chickens out. I ran outside and tried to put out the fire but the faucet on the side of my house was frozen so no water. I heard a siren and one volunt...
I have a friend on facebook named Tony Franks and I happened to mention to him that I wish I could help one of my renters get a job(just lost his). I did not know alot about Tony except that he is disabled. He was on facebook mentioning that he had lots of job postings on his bulletin board at wo...
   When I went out to feed the chickens this morning I couldn't help but stop and take this picture. Don't you love the fall? I know the spring brings beautiful flowers but the flowers on this bush is absolutely gorgeous.When we built our house about 14 years ago I dug the holes and planted the p...
Don't look back_______ You are not going that way. You cannot go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending. C.S. Lewis Did you know C.S.Lewis was an athiest who discovered he was wrong and became one of the most well known Chritian writers and even after...

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