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Anybody looking for a home in California--Check out this youtube video for a friend--I make videos so if any of you realtors out there need videos, let me know.  My videos have had a 55% positive result in cloding the sale.
The economy is going up and down these days, but in the end everyone needs a home to live in.  Now a days some people may be deciding to rent instead of buy, but we need that business also.  I would rather have a rental than no business at all.  I am greatful for anything that comes my way these ...
I do not know how many of you out there have tried the new ekey for iphone.  It is awesome.  You do not have to worry about losing it or even charging it.  The main piece stays on your key chain, and when you are ready to use it you just take the cover off, and pop it into where you usually charg...
This article I found guys is absolutely amazing.  It truly spells out exactly why the internet is so important for real estate professionals.   The Internet has become a fixture of our day to day lives. Gone are the times when a computer and a broadband connection were luxury items. More and more...
The end of the current school year is almost here, and some of you are facing the dreaded empty nest syndrome.  Whether you have college freshman, or recent college grads, realizing that the house is quiet is not always easy.  You walk down the halls, and glance in the empty rooms, and you think...
  Looking to buy or sell your house. The solution is simple. Give McCall Montgomery a call today.  We strive to put you #1, and put all your priorities above all others.  With interest rates at record lows, this is the best time to upgrade or even downsize to what you have really been wanting. We...
If you do not currently possess a website.  I think you should consider doing so.  I have three, but that is a lot to do in part that I am also a web designer.  Many people pay big bucks, to be high up on google.  If you really give it time, the correct behind the scenes work, will help you skyro...
This is a great article--hope yall enjoy. By Blake Ellis, staff reporterDecember 9, 2010: 5:55 AM ET NEW YORK ( -- Can't sell your home for a decent price? You're not alone. American homes are expected to be worth $1.7 trillion less in 2010 than they were worth last year, according ...
Making Your Dreams A Reality!!! Empowering You to be the Best You can be!!! Real Estate company’s today either give high commission splits while providing little or no marketing and administrative support, or give very low commission splits while providing a lot of marketing and administrative s...
    Thank you for taking the time to consider McCall Montgomery Real Estate as your future home!  We are very excited about the growth and expansion of our Company!   You may be wondering, “Why McCall Montgomery Real Estate?”     Our company was started in 2000 as RE/MAX Elite Group.  In January...


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