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Remember when all you had to worry about, was your real estate website showing up on the first page of Google? Those were the days! The SEO game is changing again as Amazon Echo (Alexa), Google Home Mini and Apple HomePod (Siri) and Cortana worm their way into residences throughout the U.S.By the...
When is the last time you sent out a thank-you card or note? If it's been a long time, don't feel bad! A University of Texas study of 334 people found that most of them felt awkward about writing and sending thank-you notes. Yet this simple gesture is very important for both you and the gift-give...
If you've been using a subscription service for your real estate blog content - or worse, a "free" content provider - you're hurting your brand. Here's why!1. Authenticity counts. If your blog says the same thing as a number of other blogs, Google doesn't see it as "yours." This means no SEO valu...
Home buyers may be taking a step back from the market, but there's good reason to believe it's a temporary break and not a long departure. A recent online poll by MSN asked prospective home buyers if they were more or less likely to buy a home because of interest rates hovering around 5%. The que...
Ah, Facebook. The 900-lb social media gorilla that you can't ignore, with 2.07 billion monthly active users. But the bigger Facebook gets, the harder it is for them to keep people happy. For the past several years, Facebook's answer to the quandary of too much content, has been to diminish your s...
Setting a few New Year's resolutions is a time-honored tradition, and a seemingly harmless way to seek improvement in our personal or professional lives. Unfortunately, many resolutions peter out after a month or less. One of the reasons is because it's far easier to develop bad habits than good ...
It is just me, or has life become more hectic with technology, rather than simpler? Why is it, despite the advent of the time-saving conveniences of every imaginable type, do we seem busier than ever before?  Why does 2017 feel like it went by in a heartbeat?I've often found myself rushing throug...
Several weeks ago, I used the referral page of a national website. I thought it'd be interesting to share my experience, and see what you thought of it! Before I go further, I should disclose that I've worked in some facet of the real estate and mortgage industries for the vast majority of my car...
This post contains views that are the sole opinion of the author, and these views do not necessarily reflect those of RealSupport, Inc. Real estate agents have two major issues in front of them today - tax reform, and the proposed repeal of Title II "Net Neutrality" enacted in 2015. Of the two, t...
The short answer: apparently, yes! Yelp created a "no review solicitation" policy, and the topic recently surfaced in Forbes and was later circulated to NAR members through REALTOR Magazine. Here's the stance, according to Yelp's official blog:“Don’t ask for reviews and don’t offer to pay for the...

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