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We do what we call “Seller Reporting” for many of our clients. This is simply a gathering each month, week, etc of the hits their listing has received on various sites. This feature is available on many sites (Zillow,, VisualTour & more) and is typically very user friendly. This keep...
DC Real Estate Agents turn to RealSupport VA Team to Meet Market ChallengesBack-to-Basics Approach Successfully Targets First Time Buyers Real estate professionals Alix Myerson and Aelita Brolis were looking for a unique way to reach out to people who weren’t necessarily thinking about buying a h...
I recently discovered that when I do a Google search on certain phrases that have a geographic location, I get a return from Google that has the Google Maps results at the very top.  Why does this matter?  It is free Google placement at the very top of the page.  For example, do a quick search f...
Whether you or your Real Estate Virtual Assistant are writing your press releases, you are probably wondering if you’re sending and/or submitting them to the best places or websites.  Are they getting picked up and are you getting the exposure you deserve?How would YOU like to know what the repo...
At first, when various sites began "feeding" or sending information to Zillow, we got excited. It seemed it would be less work and save our clients money. Just let your listings automatically "feed" through to Zillow, it seems like it should be so easy. We have found some thorns on this rose sinc...
  While many real estate professionals are hearing that Facebook is the place to be, they are torn about actually using Facebook. Many feel that it is quite personal and do they really want their client reading a post by their 21 year-old cousin (who we will call Josh) who is also a "friend" of t...

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