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What is ? is a site that provides community information and more importantly local events, seminars, etc for specific towns. Consumers can search by town, then by date, type of event, venue, etc. It is a really great resource for agents and can be used in a sev...
Recently, I was looking for the address of a place that I was going to host a baby shower at.  When I did a google search for the address, a Yelp Review came up!  It actually gave me all the information that I was looking for so I didn’t even have to find the “official website” of this place. I s...
  We strive to keep our clients updated on the latest and greatest when it comes to marketing and technology. Below are this weeks "Bright Ideas"... How can YOU attract more buyers? Are you setting yourself aside from your competition? Here are a couple ideas... Frustrated? Running out of ways t...
      Frustrated?  Running out of ways to attract quality buyer leads?  Maybe you just need some fresh ideas!       Idea #1: Turning Renters INTO Buyers... Here's How!   Target RENTERS!  RealSupport can design a custom 12 week postcard campaign targeting renters in a specific area of your choice...
For those of you that are not familiar, syndication has become all the rage with MLS’s, websites, you name it. The way it works is you enter your listing onto one site, let’s say your MLS. Your MLS then “feeds” it (or sends the listings automatically) to several other sites. Why We LOVE Automatic...
 Tight Budgets Have Real Estate Pros Turning to RealSupportReal Estate Virtual Assistant Team Handles a Variety of Tasks Large and Small Why do real estate agents and brokers throughout the U.S. have RealSupport, Inc. programmed into their cell phones? Because in today’s budget-conscious market, ...
Hi Fellow Active Rainers, As a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Team, We use for a few of our clients and I wanted to pass along this important message to those of you that use them.  See below: __________________________________________ To All HomeVisit Customers and Users, We have ma...
Many of you have already jumped on the social networking bandwagon.  Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, Digg, Twitter and more.  Social networking is the newest and hottest marketing phenomenon and it will certainly give you more public exposure and can potentially take your business to a new level! If...

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