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I know most of you post your listings on and hopefully have your profiles in the directory on the site as well (If you don't - it's easy - sign up here). Zillow is now offering the ability to add your social networking links to your profile - and the best part is they display them in a...
I’m sure you all have noticed the popularity surge of real estate reality TV shows.  It started with the success of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Then it really caught on when HGTV rolled out a slew of real estate shows and soon became much more Home and much less Garden.  House Hunters, What ...
What is Google Juice?Those of you who are familiar with search engine optimization may have an idea of what Google Juice is.  For those who don’t, Google Juice is a slang term for “the ability to get pages to appear high in the Google search rankings.” It sounds pretty simple, right? A few key ti...
It's no secret that in today's competitive marketplace, social networking is a must.  There are hundreds of social networking websites to choose from, and often times it is difficult to know which websites will benefit you the most. All in all, the facts are indeed the facts - in 2009, classified...
Craigslist has become a very powerful tool for many real estate professionals.  We typically recommend posting your listings to Craigslist.  It is also a great place to post events like Home Buyer Seminars, general ads like “Receive a FREE Market Analysis of Your Homes Value”, and even for recrui...
We all know the saying a picture is worth a thousand words, which we would all agree to be true.  Seeing a single picture can evoke strong emotions or take you somewhere else entirely- and that’s powerful!  So, knowing this to be the case; let’s talk about real estate photography. You may have th...
Fall is the time when everybody comes a little closer together.  It's a little colder, the days are a little shorter and it's full of family gatherings and celebrations. There are so many opportunities to remind your clients who you are - and maybe make them feel like you’re a part of their fami...
Google AdWords is offering a great promotion for new users - $100 in Google AdWords FREE - but it expires Friday, October 16th, so if you are going to take advantage, you must do it this week!What is Google AdWords?Google AdWords is a pay per click service on Google. In other words, you only pay ...

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