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Social media, specifically Facebook, has been a hot topic for agents across the country.  But maybe you just don’t see the relevance of creating a business page for your company that you have to post to on a regular basis.  You may not feel that posting about community events or news on a social ...
We’ve established that having an active presence on Facebook, including a business page, is incredibly important. Some of you may be frustrated because you aren’t getting any interactions and don’t have many fans, and as a result you may feel as though you’re wasting your valuable time maintaini...
Pop quiz. What is the best form of marketing? Come on, I know you know it. Answer: Word of Mouth Marketing!Nobody trusts a product or a business more than when it comes from somebody you know. A cousin, an uncle, a friend, even your roommate's brother's girlfriend. As soon as you hear it straigh...
The good news:  Real Estate agents are catching on to the need for having a real estate blog.  We see more and more agents popping up online with blogs as they see the importance of this ever-growing medium.The bad news: They’re wasting their time with sporadic posts, lack of keywords and poor co...
There’s no doubt about it.  We’re a visually driven society.  We surrounded by eye-catching billboards, creative commercials, and inspiring graphics that flood marketing campaigns.  So, how can you, as an agent, keep up?  Chances are you didn’t go to school for graphic design and don’t know the ...
One of the most disheartening situations for us in the Real Estate Virtual Assistant business is when a client approaches us with an assortment of unnecessary websites and services, collected throughout the years from various sales pitches and impulse buys. The agent is often overwhelmed, unsure ...
If you have a Facebook business/fan page, you may know that Facebook Insights are the stats that Facebook compiles for you. You can see what your Facebook fan demographic is, how many page views you’ve gotten for the week, how many active users you have and more. The Facebook Insight stats are id...
You never want to imagine the worse.  What would life be if you’re always worried about the “what if’s?” What if you’re showing a home in an unfamiliar neighborhood?  What if you’re showing a home to a new client whom you’ve never met in person?  What if you’re the only one at an open house or yo...
  We strive to keep our clients updated on the latest and greatest when it comes to marketing and technology. Below are this weeks "Bright Ideas"... New RealSupport Website We're excited to show off our new website designed by Jen Miller, our Project and Design Coordinator! Real Estate Blogging ...
One of the joys of blogging for Real Estate agents is hearing their success stories!  The more clients we have come to us with their need for an SEO rich, real estate relevant blog; the more success stories we hear about real estate blogging.   I “sat down” for a virtual interview with Theresa D’...

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