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I don't know about you, but I absolutely love making new year's resolutions. As the self-diagnosed Motivational Book Addict, making New Years Resolutions is probably the highlight of my year. This is when I can sit myself down, reflect on the past year, and re-evaluate what I can do differently t...
We strive to keep our clients updated on the latest and greatest when it comes to marketing and technology. Below are this weeks "Bright Ideas"... Turn Online Contacts into Clients in 2011 We’re gearing up for the New Year and are sure you’re doing the same! What are some of your goals for the c...
If you’re looking for something new and fresh to change up your website or blog for the new year, delving into videos may be just the thing!  Now, before you begin to think that, while you are pretty technologically savvy, there is no way that you could make videos to put on your sites... read fu...
A new study from Xobni found that more than half of adult workers check their email while on holiday. Even worse is that 55 percent check it every day and 28 percent check it multiple times each day. As someone who works with real estate agents on a regular basis, I am very aware of your die-hard...
We’re gearing up for 2011 and are sure you’re doing the same!  What are some of your goals for the coming year?  The slower winter months are a great time to strategize and build your marketing plan and begin implementing it as soon as possible. You’ve probably embarked on boosting your online pr...
Email marketing campaigns are becoming more and more popular for real estate agents. They are a great automated way to stay in touch with your SOI, without spending the time to send out individual emails to each and every potential or past client.By now, you probably have all heard of Constant Co...
Have you ever wondered what those visiting your website are actually looking for?  I’m sure you’ve experienced the frustration of going to a site and not being able to find the information you need.  You’ll look for maybe a minute or two, but when you can’t find it; you’re onto the next site to f...
One of the biggest concerns that our clients have when we maintain their social networking presence is how their blogs are feeding to Facebook and whether or not their blogs are feeding to their Facebook business page. After all, your blog is essential to your business. It gets you leads and show...
  We strive to keep our clients updated on the latest and greatest when it comes to marketing and technology. Below are this weeks "Bright Ideas"... Drive Traffic to Your Facebook Page AND Your Open Houses! Sometimes, in order to be successful at getting interaction, you need to think outside of...
A few of the RealSupport virtual assistants had the pleasure of participating in a Zillow Webinar this week called "The Top 10 Power Tools of Zillow." As an avid user of Zillow, there were a lot of features pointed out that I was already awared of. However, sometimes even though you know somethin...

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