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Have you stopped to think how technology driven our society is today?  It seems worlds away from where we were twenty, fifteen, even ten years ago!  In fact, there’s a whole generation of people who don’t even know what life was like before the internet.  They’ve grown up with immediate access t...
Despite the recent rise in social media marketing applications, techniques and success stories, several real estate agents across the country still don’t see social networking as a valuable resource. They consider it to be a waste of time and far too difficult to figure out. Overall, they just do...
In the midst of all my social networking activities, I definitely have a tendency to play favorites. Facebook receives the most attention, with logins per day reaching the double digits. I post just about anything; what song I am listening to on Pandora, funny pictures of my cat, and of course fr...
With the whirlwind of the social media surge, it seemed that everyone jumped on board at the same time. Before we knew it, everything had turned social and if you weren’t on the bandwagon, you were quickly left out.  Over the past few years, it seems that everyone and every business has turned t...
As real estate virtual assistants, we love hearing feedback from our clients, especially when it’s positive. Some professionals in the real estate industry haven't quite embraced and/or don't fully the benefits of using a real estate virtual assistant, so we thought we’d go straight to the source...
I get it. You’re so busy you forget to tie your shoes in the morning. You may even have forgotten to call that first-time home buyer to confirm your showing this afternoon. On one hand being busy is a good thing – a great thing, in fact. But on the other hand, your overwhelming schedule may be ge...
Recently, I came across an article on that talked about five things real estate agents will do for free. Interested, I read through the article of which the basic premise was that real estate agents are eager to hold on to business and will do nearly anything to keep a client.     Now, w...
Well, it’s happened again: Facebook has gone ahead and switched things up on us. I’m sure you’ve all seen the recent updates to the personal profiles, but what some of you might be overlooking are the upcoming changes to business pages. These changes will be much more subtle than the ones made on...
Do you ever feel rushed, tense or worried for no particular reason? Do you find yourself doing normal things too fast such as walking, eating or working? When I start noticing these things in my daily routine, I know that the main reason behind it is stress. And as a hard-working real estate agen...
It came as a shock yesterday to hear that Steve Jobs, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple, passed away after years of battling pancreatic cancer.  Jobs led the way in a technological revolution, and much of what we enjoy today in our instant information society is attributed to his life’s work....

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