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Part of having an active presence online is monitoring and tracking the traffic and interaction you are seeing in all aspects of your internet marketing. From your website to your Facebook business page, there are several marketing tools that you may have set up by now that are meant to translate...
When fans visit your blog, wouldn’t it be cool to offer them a fun incentive to keep them even more engaged? With Groupon’s new referral widget, you can! By adding the Groupon Referral Widget to your blog, visitors will have a chance to take advantage of your city’s daily deal provided by Groupon...
With the holidays just around the corner, many of you are probably looking forward to a much needed break!  Whether you’re gathering with family or friends, or are just craving a few days of personal R&R, having a little time to switch gears and turn off the noise of work can be just the thing y...
The long-anticipated day has finally arrived: you can now create a Google+ page for your business! They are called “Branded Google+ pages”, and they are not only very easy to set up, but they’re also another way that you can truly expand your online presence. As your real estate virtual assistant...
Are your eyelids getting droopy? Is that a yawn I see? Are you struggling to hold your head up? We’ve all been there. It comes around 2p.m. when you’ve finished eating lunch and now you’re just about ready for a nap. Unfortunately you still have hours of work left. How are you going to make it th...
With the holidays right around the corner, many of you may already be thinking about what the next year will bring.  Taking the time during the slower holiday season to really map out your business strategy for 2012 is essential for starting the new year out on the right foot!     You may even b...
As a real estate agent, it is a part of your job description to get to know and interact with members of your community. While it’s easy to attend a community event and strike up a conversation and possibly gain a new client, when it comes to using social media, accomplishing this is easier said ...
While we enjoy bringing you all of the latest and greatest tips and tools for social media, we also are firm believers in the tried and true basics of online marketing!  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, a custom blog and other social media sites are all extremely valuable for marketing as they allow...
Utilizing analytics to measure the success of your Facebook business page is incredibly important. You can use tools such as Facebook Insights to monitor how many people are looking at your page, reading your posts, interacting with your brand and viewing your visual media. You can also discern w...
As a real estate agent and an active member of the social media community, you sure have got your hands full. You’re Facebook-ing, you’re tweeting, you’re LinkedIn-ing, blogging…and the list goes on. All of this is set on top of your already busy work schedule of doing what you do best – selling....

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