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As you toss the last empty carton of eggnog into the recycling, you think of all the memories you created over the past couple of days. Opening presents with the kids, reuniting with family and friends, a kitchen full of wonderful food. Then, a new thought comes to mind. It’s something you haven’...
December is a great time to start thinking about your goals for the next year – especially when it comes to your real estate marketing strategy. You tried a lot of new things in 2011, with some of them working and some of them dwindling. With New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day on their way, it’s t...
When you look at the words “social media” separately, it’s easy to know what each word means by itself. The word “social” means to engage or interact with other people. The word “media” can best be described as a means of communication, whether you do so through words, pictures or video. When you...
For most of us, the holidays are a hectic time. Our schedules get turned upside down, additional time is spent on holiday planning and activities, and combined with working and managing employees we are even more exhausted than usual (is that even possible?). Most of us probably never think of ho...
The beginning of a new year can be very inspiring as it offers the opportunity to implement change.  If you’re thinking through ways to really make your real estate business stand out in the coming year, there are a wide variety of ways to do so!  From social media marketing, creating videos and...
When you hear the word “entrepreneur” who, or what do you think of? If names like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart come to mind, you’re probably on the same track as most other people. As an outsider, it may seem like these people reached success out of nowhere, or wi...
With our bellies still feeling the indulgence of last week’s Thanksgiving holiday and today marking the beginning of December; the festive season is in full swing!  As real estate agents, you’re probably anticipating the slower activity later this month as buyers and sellers focus more on the pa...

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