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Creating your own real estate business takes an entrepreneurial spirit and, if you’re planning on expanding beyond yourself; a sense of leadership is key!  Being an entrepreneur has changed over the past few years of the economic downturn.  It takes much more than an ability to see the big pictu...
So here’s the deal. You’ve seen the Timeline popping up on your friends’, colleagues’ and family member’s Facebook pages, but you haven’t taken the plunge and converted yet. You like your page the way it is and change can be frightening--even over something as simple as your Facebook page. But I’...
As a blogger, I find it’s always good to be reminded of the reason behind blogging for real estate agents and theimportance of a good blogging strategy.  If you’ve entered the blogging realm, chances are you’ve found a good rhythm of blogging that works for you.  Or maybe you’ve realized that bl...
You’ve done it!  You’ve created a cutting edge online presence, are keeping up with your online social media, and you’re getting great feedback.  And, whether you’ve achieved this success on your own or by using a Real Estate Virtual Assistant to handle your online activity; getting to this poin...
A key component of being an effective real estate agent is communication.  Many of you can probably attest that you’ve generated leads simply by meeting people at the grocery store, coffee shop or through being introduced by a mutual friend.  It’s those quick, personal interactions that happen a...
  Straight From the Source: Dru Bloomfield Tells You Why She Loves Using a Real Estate Virtual Assistant! As real estate virtual assistants, we love hearing feedback from our clients, especially when it’s positive. "Hiring RealSupport has been one of the best business decisions I've made. Love t...
If you’ve been on Facebook in the past few months, you have noticed some changes taking place. The layout of our pages has changed, apps your friends and acquaintances use are evolving and the importance of our posts and interactivity is being affected. With all of the changes that constantly tak...
As a real estate agent, you understand the importance of great pictures.  Oftentimes, people begin their home search online months prior to contacting a real estate agent about looking for a home.  And what’s their main source of getting a good feel for that home?  The pictures on your website o...

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