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It happens to all of us.  At one point or another we will all fail.  The question is, will you fail successfully?    It seems counterintuitive to succeed at failing, but since we all have been and will be there in the future; there has to be a way to not only face failure, but to make the most o...
Meet the new members of RealSupport Inc. Holly Parpan | Marketing Coordinator Holly joined the RealSupport, Inc. team in July of 2011. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with an emphasis in public relations. Prior to joining RealSupport, Inc., Holly has held positions...
Being seasoned real estate agents, you know proper work etiquette and practice it daily. But wait - do you? When you’re young, straight out of college or fresh on the working scene, you put on your best suit and attitude to make a great professional impression on your colleagues and superiors. Bu...
As real estate agents, you know all about helping your clients make their home stand out from other homes on the market.  You provide sellers with tips on making their home move-in ready and you create a personalized marketing plan for their home that will wow potential buyers.  However, while y...
Your website can be a powerful tool for catching an audiences’ attention and spurring them on to take action.  Sure, in our social media driven age, it can be tempting to rely solely on your interactive approach, but there’s something tried and true about having a compelling website that will dr...
With the introduction of Facebook’s new Timeline for ALL business pages, your focus may have drifted away from keeping up with your other social media efforts. I mean, creating the perfect cover photo takes time and you of course want to monitor all the feedback it’s getting.  Now that the initia...
Search Engine Optimization has been at the forefront of many real estate agents minds the past few years since staying on top of sites like Google has been a great avenue to growing small businesses.  And, while as Real Estate Virtual Assistants, we’ve seen the tremendous benefit of SEO, the que...
  Managing social media for both your personal life and your business life can be a sticky situation. With the little amount of time you have each day to work on social media, it can be difficult to keep track of what you’re posting or blogging about to ensure it’s timely, relevant and engaging. ...

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