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Recently, Bob Stewart of Active Rain talked about the importance of Google Plus. In fact, Bob said that Google Plus is something you can’t live without! To see if that’s true, we’re sharing the best of Bob’s presentation along with our own insights!Google Plus is Google’s answer to Facebook. Thes...
While we enjoy creating customized real estate websites for our clients, we know that not everyone can afford the luxury of complete customization.  That’s why when we saw that our friends at Zillow just launched their Premiere Agent websites; we wanted to help spread the word!   Zillow has done...
A large part of our job, as real estate virtual assistants, is to find ways to find the best, most efficient tools that our clients can use to complete their high-priority marketing tasks. While many of our efforts focus on the most tech-centric methods, we still assist many of our clients with m...
Between all things mobile, the World Wide Web and the assortment of tasks to be completed each day, staying focused can be a chore in itself. So how do we implement a system where staying proactive is just as easy as being distracted? As real estate virtual assistants, we know how easy it is to l...
Do you ever feel as though you get lost in your daily tasks and before you know it, the day is over?  Do you ever wish for just a few more hours to get stuff done?  It’s something most of us struggle with as we succumb to the tyranny of the urgent or the desire to do everything at once.   So how...
  Meet the new members of RealSupport Inc. Jessica Thompson | Marketing & Copywriting AssistantJessica joined the RealSupport, Inc. team in March of 2012. She holds a Masters in Urban Policy and a Bachelors in Psychology. Throughout her time working in the academic and non-profit worlds, Jessica...
Have you ever found yourself on the way to a showing appointment and caught yourself wondering, “Why am I doing this?”  Of course, the answer lies much deeper that the surface reason of showing a home to a buyer.  It’s the question of why you’re in the line of work that you find yourself doing d...
Instagram: the new word that has swept through the world of social media and the app that was downloaded 50 million times in just one short year. This new wave of “social” has taken the social media world by storm, and was recently purchased by Facebook for a whopping $1 billion. But why? Why has...
As real estate virtual assistants, we are always keeping our eye out for new software and services that our clients can use to make their lives easier. This is especially true for client and lead management. It’s difficult enough to have to worry about closing transactions and running your busine...
As Real Estate Virtual Assistants, we often give tips on engaging with social media as we feel it’s an important part of any growing business!  We’re all aware that Facebook and Twitter are no longer a passing phase as we may have once thought; but are here for the long haul.    In wanting to pu...

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