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Did you know that the less interaction your Facebook page receives, the less your posts will actually be seen by your fans?  It’s sad, but true!  Now, this may seem frustrating to you as you are finding you only have time to post to your Facebook page a few times a week.  With this news, you beg...
  ATTENTION: FACEBOOK HAS MADE SOME CHANGES…again. If you haven’t heard the news, Facebook has changed your default email address. Don’t panic. Your email address is still the same, but the way it appears under your contact info on Facebook has changed. Instead of your standard or @com...
When it comes to Facebook, you’ve tried it all. You’ve been posting everyday (maybe even multiple times a day), your posts are informative and you are posting what you think both your peers and clients will be interested in reading. But even with all of your productive efforts, you are still not ...
Staying calm as a real estate agent has to be one of the toughest challenges.  With a myriad of things that can go wrong in the home buying and selling process, varying personalities you’re dealing with on a daily basis, as well as a non-stop schedule; getting through a day calmly seems like a s...
Our Newly Re-Designed Testimonials Page! We've been working on some web updates of our own and we always place our clients first! So shouldn't the things they have to say be well represented? We've done a complete overhaul of our testimonials page. Click here and see for yourself! A Mid Year Soc...
By now we all have smart phones, and many of us tablets, too. But how we use them is the pertinent issue. Are you utilizing everything these computer-like objects have to offer – or are you still just using them for phone calls, emails and Angry Birds? Ok, so maybe that was a little harsh. But th...
It’s hard to believe we’re nearly half way through 2012 as we approach the official start of summer.  Now is a great time to do a bit of reflection on how business is going and to get a boost of energy to finish out the rest of the year on track!Remember those New Years’ resolutions and business...
The online world has so many rules to follow and they are constantly changing. Post to Facebook at this time. Say this to get more followers on Twitter. Use these strategies to post to Google+. Sound familiar? With so many guidelines and so many different resources telling us what to do, it’s onl...
As real estate agents; you’re always on the go.  From showing appointments, to meeting with potential clients, to making sure marketing efforts are underway at your office and all those other daily tasks; you’re constantly running from one thing to the next!   Making sure you stay on top of ever...
We’ve all had those days where we feel like absolutely nothing is going right. It starts off with hitting every red light on your way to work and slowly trickles into a downright miserable day. Sometimes the cause of a bad day is straight up failure. Maybe you lost a client, or maybe your clients...

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