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Pinterest for Your Real Estate Brand If you haven’t heard all the hubbub, Pinterest is the new big thing in social media. This new platform is not only a way to stay social, but also a way to share your interests with an entire community with thousands of participants. From food to sports to int...
Don’t you just love when two of your favorite things are put together?  For me, things like ice cream and cookie dough, wine and chocolate, and rainy days and a cup of hot tea are ideal combinations that make me smile.  I’m sure you can think of your own perfect pairs that tend to lift your spir...
When we think about movies and real estate, it may be hard for you to pinpoint movies that are specifically about real estate. Well, most aren't. But there quite a few movies out there that make some pretty good points about buying or selling a home. For example, is the house haunted? Are the nei...
Does the thought of jumping into videos as a marketing tool make you cringe?  While there are those who enjoy being in front of the camera and are naturals at doing so; not everyone was made to have that news anchor persona or on camera “spark” that drives them to embrace this popular medium.   ...
When you get home from a long day's work, don’t you just wish dinner would magically appear on the table? When it’s time to leave for work again in the morning, wouldn’t it be nice to have your personal driver drop you off and pick you up? Sure. We all want ways we can make our lives easier – esp...
When you first think of social media, what comes to mind?  Your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and a myriad of other accounts come to the forefront.  You are well aware of the need for engagement and consistent interaction on these sites.  Which is great!  All of your social media platforms deserv...
You don’t have to be a writer to maintain a blog. And let’s face it, even writers find an excuse to neglect blogging. Take it from me – writing has always been a passion of mine and I love providing unique content for RealSupport, Inc and our real estate clients. But when it comes to sitting down...
  What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to social media?     For many, it’s coming up with things to post on their Twitter or Facebook, or to post about on their blog.  We’ve all been there.  We want to make sure that we’re not just posting to post, but that what we’re actually saying matte...
As real estate agents, you want to know if the time and effort you put in for your clients is really paying off. Sure you have a ton of testimonials to back up your good work, and you know yourself - you're awesome at what you do. But as your real estate virtual assistants, we want to help you st...

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