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Have you ever sat down to write your weekly blog only to find out that you have absolutely no idea what to write about? Even with the perfect topic at hand, sometimes the words just don’t come out. If anyone can relate to this feeling, it’s me. Even as we speak I can spend minutes reconstructing ...
  Whether people are just tired of moping about the economic downturn of the past few years or they’re sensing true change, it seems there’s an overarching sense of positivity for 2012... and that’s exciting!  Of course just thinking positively is not a magical formula for boosting the economy, b...
Special Announcement: A Different Spin on Virtual Assistants What a surprise to have been featured in this AgentGenius article - we're honored and appreciative!       Have Your Mastered the Blogging Basics? Search-engine optimization. Who knew that these three little words could become so import...
If there is one quality that a real estate virtual assistant has to have in order to be successful, it’s the ability to use their work time productively. Our time-management skills and ability to get the job done quickly is what allows us to work on projects and tasks for several different client...
As real estate agents, you jumped on the blogging bandwagon a long time ago. You know the basics: Blog frequently, create custom content, make it engaging and use keywords and hyperlinks throughout the posts. Now that you’ve got those things down pat, it’s time to take your blog to the next level...
We’re all aware that videos are the next big thing in online marketing, but you may be asking yourself... “Is it really worth it?”  Sure, it’s eye-catching and a huge trend, but you’re probably wondering whether to jump on the bandwagon or wait and see if it ends up taking a back seat to the trie...
Search-engine optimization. Who knew that these three little words could become so important to successful online marketing? Many real estate agents spend several hours obsessing over how they can give themselves the most SEO possible so that they can achieve the ultimate dream: landing on page 1...
The world of social media is ever changing. That is why your real estate virtual assistant wants to make sure that your marketing strategy is fresh and engaging. From Facebook to Twitter to Google+ and your own website, there are plenty of areas to think about when considering your marketing and ...
Each year, new innovative tools come on the market, and 2012 is no different!  Although it can seem nearly impossible to keep up with the latest and greatest thing out there, it’s worth it if you find something you know you’ll use all the time.  As Real Estate Virtual Assistants, we enjoy being ...
  Create a High Quality Blog Following in 2012! I know everyone is ready and raring to go this year. As real estate virtual assistants, we have the grand opportunity of figuring out what the priorities are of many real estate agents when it comes to their social networking and marketing strategi...

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