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“Stop selling. Start helping.”   When it came to motivational speeches and inspirational quotes, Zig Ziglar seemed to be full of them.  We can all probably think of a few of our own favorites from this world renown salesman turned power consultant, and speaker to millions.   For many, his passin...
A large part of our job, as real estate virtual assistants, is to attempt to capture our clients’ “voices” on their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profiles. We want to come across as engaging, personable and approachable while still maintaining a certain level of professionalism. This is complicat...
While it may seem like a thing of the past, email marketing is still alive and well!  With all the hype of social media, emailing clients and leads seemed to fall to the wayside in exchange for the instant gratification of a more social setting.  And, although Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and ot...
One of the most important elements of your website are your call-to-actions. They are what create lead generation from your online presence. This has also become incredibly important on your Facebook page, too. With the Timeline layout, you have the ability to create custom CTAs on your Facebook ...
Now that we’ve entered into November, many of us are anticipating the holiday season and looking forward to enjoying a huge Thanksgiving meal with friends and family.   And, while you may be thankful for deep fried turkey and pumpkin pie, you could probably come up with entire list of things tha...
Many in the real estate industry seem to think that you shouldn’t outsource your social media efforts. As real estate virtual assistants, this puzzles us. We work long and hard on creating and executing successful social media strategies for our clients. We’re firm believers in using sites like F...
It’s hard to believe that we’ve arrived in November and that the holiday season is kicking off this month!  As a busy real estate agent, you’re probably looking forward to the slowing market and extra time to spend with family and friends.  It’s a great season to reflect back on the past year, f...

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