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It’s no wonder with the success of sites like Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube; we see our society moving from social media to visual social media.  While blogs began to be overshadowed by Facebook and Twitter due to length, our culture is now gravitating towards even more fast paced, visual con...
Now that the holiday season is in full swing, chances are you’ve caught yourself day dreaming of holiday parties, time with family and friends as well as devising a plan to get all your Christmas shopping done amidst your busy schedule.  And, while we would all agree that “it’s the most wonderfu...
If you’ve logged in to your Google+ account at all this week, you may have noticed a brand new icon on your sidebar called “communities.” This is yet another new feature that Google+ has added to their growing social media platform. It’s funny: many people gripe about the social networking site ...
As Real Estate agents and other industry professionals, you understand the importance of a clearly defined plan for success.  Without this plan, you’ll feel as though you’re simply going wherever the wind takes you and you’ll find yourself in the same spot next year.   With this year coming to a...

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