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Feeling successful in the real estate industry can change from one day to the next.  You may come off a huge sale one day, only to find your buyer decided to switch to a new agent.  There are a number of wins and losses that can come in a single week, so being “successful” may seem worlds away. ...
We’ve all seen our fair share of infographics popping up all over our social media feeds and in our favorite blogs.  They’re eye-catching, give you a quick synopsis of the information you want and are easy to share.  And you may wonder how people create these fun graphics and how you can jump on...
In our online culture today with trying to keep up with our social media, marketing, blogging and a myriad of other tasks, it can be easy to forget the key to our success: our clients.     As real estate agents, you’re constantly being pulled in a hundred different directions, most of which are ...
As Real Estate Virtual Assistants, there are a number of things that we handle for clients every day that we’ve been doing for years.  Our experience in these tasks  are what keep our clients coming back as they appreciate the consistency and expertise.   Yet, we also know that as our world cont...

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