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Have you ever wondered if you social media is really working?  Sure, you may get a few comments or “likes” from time to time, but is spending time on social media being effective in driving new traffic to your website?   Well, thanks to Real-Time Google Analytics, you can view activity on a new ...
Excitement is building as we get closer to Sunday, February 3rd.  Whether you’re a football fan or not, the Super Bowl is a great reason to get together with friends and family, eat wings and pizza and see the best commercials of the year!   I keep seeing advertisements for the big game, and eve...
Many real estate agents have already embraced social media, particularly Facebook and Pinterest. What I’ve also noticed is that there are still several professionals out there who just don’t understand Twitter. It’s understandable. Twitter seems to be a platform with a language all its own. In a ...
When it comes to SEO, it seems there’s always a little confusion.  You hear rumors of what works, what doesn’t and how you can master the art of SEO to see your name in lights... or at least on page one of a search engine!    Recently, we came across an article, 17 SEO Myths You Should Leave Behi...
Be honest: How much of your work stress is related to procrastination? Are you one of those people that procrastinate regularly and find reasons to rationalize it? Part of it is that some produce their best work when they’re under pressure and have a tighter deadline, but the bigger, more truthfu...
It’s not everyday you come across a company doing great things in their community and for a great cause.  You may know of a few people who volunteer their time or a company who gives an end of the year donation to a local cause, which are all fantastic things, but what if a company really lived ...
It’s a new year and with that come a fresh set of goals. If you’re like me, one of your New Year’s resolutions is probably to be more active on your social networking sites. It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that social media is effective. As real estate virtual assistants, we have to...
With any new year comes a slew of new years’ resolutions.  For business owners, this oftentimes includes a long list of goals and things you’re going to change to take your business to the next level.     So, why does it seem so hard to get back into the swing of things after the holidays?   You...

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