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Being a little scared during Halloween festivities is part of what makes this spooky holiday so fun.  However, when it comes to business, fear shouldn’t be a part of the equation!     No one wants to admit that fear holds them back in real estate success, but if we really think; it oftentimes do...
Halloween is just around the corner and I’m sure you’ve been inundated with stores filled with costumes and candy, or have your own trick or treaters who are anxiously awaiting the upcoming sugar fest.   And, while this can be a fun time to indulge in sweets and dress up in the best costumes, Ha...
We all know the life of those in the real estate industry is non-stop.  There are always clients who need your attention, showing appointments, meetings with potential clients, phone calls, endless emails and then all of the marketing and daily tasks that keep your business running.  Weekends ar...
As we approach the middle of October, you may be looking back and wondering where this year has gone.  The busy lifestyle real estate industry professionals lead often has you running from one thing to the next and, before you know it, another year has gone by!     We wanted to take a moment to ...
Your online presence is one of the greatest tools you have for obtaining new clients.  A well thought out website and use of social media and blogging can help build trust, grab attention, fill a need for information and much more!    So, how does your online presence stand up next to your compe...

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