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Several weeks ago, we posted an introduction to content marketing in our prior blog post, “The Basics of Real Estate Content Marketing.” While the concept of content marketing is simple, we sometimes find real estate professionals sharing volumes of information without having a strategy in place....
11/29/2015 recently shared email campaign insights from VentureBeat, detailing how personalized emails make all the difference in open rates and click-throughs. We’re sharing the highlights with you here!According to a published study by VentureBeat, about 95% of surveyed email marketers said th...
We often talk about the value of technology in real estate marketing, and the advantages you can enjoy with systems and automation. However, there’s a very old-fashioned technique for building your real estate business that should not be neglected: the human touch of handwritten notes. As we head...
If you thought email marketing was dead, think again! According to statistics published in an article by Entrepreneur magazine, some 200 million emails are issued every minute of every day. The fact is, despite growth in social medial, email marketing remains one of the most popular and effective...
Much is said about the importance of systems, tools and processes for real estate agents. While these all increase efficiency, your personal attitude and character go a long way towards determining your success. We're sharing traits of successful CEO's from INC. magazine, and we've added our own ...

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