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Real estate agents face a number of stressful situations that are beyond their control. Dealing with stubborn sellers, unrealistic buyers, stingy appraisals and last-minute closing snags are par for the course. Even the most optimistic real estate professional can feel beat-up after a while. And ...
If you haven’t updated your real estate website in the past 24 months, your search engine optimization might need a boost! Google continually tweaks its algorithms in order to deliver the best results to user search queries. Here are the basics you should know today, taken from Inc. magazine and ...
It’s hard to believe, but web-based, “free” consumer email has been around for about 20 years! Remember the screeching, dial-up modems and clunky desktop computers we once used to read it? Times have changed, and now we commonly read emails from our smartphones. With that in mind, today’s email m...
If you haven’t been getting leads from your real estate website, it may be time to make some changes! Entrepreneur magazine recently published some great ideas for improving website leads. We’re sharing the best of those, along with our own suggestions and insights, tailored for real estate! A mo...

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