bonita breit copywriter: Does One Home Pricing Strategy Fit All? - 06/24/19 08:17 PM
Homeowners are notoriously optimistic when it comes to the market value of their homes. Real estate professionals have the task of educating prospective sellers about the realistic price range their property will command. Yet when the comps fail to support a desired price point, the seller may react by dismissing the information - and sometimes, dismissing the agent! 
Winning the listing in such cases requires giving the seller a sense of control, while keeping the price discussion in reality. Here's a strategy we saw in Residential Specialist magazine a couple years ago, with our own two cents thrown in!
During the listing presentation, give … (1 comments)

bonita breit copywriter: New Gmail Features Night Owls Should Know About - 04/07/19 08:29 PM
Night owls, rejoice! Gmail is unrolling new features that will make it possible to schedule your emails. This is good news for real estate agents, who are often catching up on email during the wee hours.  Here's the latest in Gmail functionality!
First, please note that there isn't an exact roll-out date for these upgrades, but they are reportedly in progress. Once your Gmail account has received the updates, scheduling emails will be a snap. All you have to do is select the "schedule" option in the drop-down box that will appear in the email's "send" button. You can schedule your email to be … (0 comments)

bonita breit copywriter: Have You Checked Your Search Rank Lately? - 03/28/19 09:22 PM
On March 12, 2019, Google quietly made a new round of algorithm changes that took webmasters by surprise. In a survey by Search Engine Land, 58% of SEO professionals and website owners said they experienced a "negative impact" from the latest algorithm changes. 
Google periodically makes algorithm changes that affect how websites rank. Typically, there is no advance notice, and no follow-up explanation. It's up to each site owner or industry professional to analyze their site's performance on a regular basis - and make adjustments to SEO strategy when required.
Fortunately, industry surveys provide some insight regarding best practices for SEO performance. Here are a few … (1 comments)

bonita breit copywriter: Timing Your Real Estate Email Marketing - 03/16/19 10:45 PM
Studies by Adestra and DMA Insights show that email marketing remains an effective way to reach consumers. In fact, email beats social media when it comes to reaching your intended audience! This is because complex social media algorithms limit organic reach, while the majority of emails reach their inbox destinations. If you time your email campaigns strategically, your messages have a good chance of being noticed and read!
Multi-agency marketing studies show that Saturday mornings are the best time to email consumers about personal topics of interest. The ideal time of day is 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. For real estate marketing, the topics that are … (0 comments)

bonita breit copywriter: Why Video Belongs in Your Social Media Strategy - 03/12/19 08:49 PM
Video is a must-have in your real estate social media strategy! According to Forbes, over 500 million Facebook users watched videos in their news feeds every day! Projections by Cisco predict that online videos will constitute over 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020. 
For best reach, your social media video should be created with these facts in mind:
Mobile is a must. Over 90% of Twitter videos are watched from a mobile device. Your video must be optimized for mobile viewing.
Your message should be entirely visual. Most viewers are checking social media feeds with their device volume turned off. About 85% … (1 comments)

bonita breit copywriter: Two Big Reasons to Keep a Social Media Presence - 03/01/19 10:30 PM
Whether you manage your social media pages yourself, or you outsource their management, you might ask yourself if maintaining your social media presence is worth the time or expense. Much of the frustration agents feel is directly related to the lack of definitive "return on investment" in the social media sphere. How many Facebook posts does it take to capture a lead? How many "Likes" and "Shares" does it take to generate a home sale?
There are no set answers, because these are the wrong questions. Social media isn't mere advertising, though that's how some businesses mistakenly treat it.
Real estate social media has two … (2 comments)

bonita breit copywriter: Attracting Affluent Real Estate Clients - 02/27/19 01:34 AM
At most recent count, the global population of high net worth individuals was estimated at about 15 million people. To be defined as a high net worth individual, one must possess investible assets of at least $1 million, excluding personal assets, such as a primary residence, collectibles and consumer items.
The United States is home to the highest number of affluent citizens in the world, at over 5 million people. The highest population of affluent individuals in the U.S. reside in New York City and the State of California. Affluent residents can be found throughout the country, in both rural and urban locations.
A study by Wealth-X and … (3 comments)

bonita breit copywriter: Do Click-Through Rates Affect Google Search Rank? - 02/26/19 09:45 PM
When someone finds your real estate website in a Google search, and clicks on your site link, does it give your website an automatic SEO boost? The impact of click through rates (CTR) on search engine ranking has been debated for years. Here's why the debate rages on - and what Google has confirmed. 
Google has said repeatedly that click-through rates do not give websites any SEO benefit. Despite this, web developers once theorized that CTR mattered for SEO, and would employ people to click on their website links from within search engines. This practice was not effective for SEO. However, it … (1 comments)

bonita breit copywriter: Prepare Your Real Estate Content for Voice Search - 01/30/19 05:15 AM
Remember when all you had to worry about, was your real estate website showing up on the first page of Google? Those were the days! The SEO game is changing again as Amazon Echo (Alexa), Google Home Mini and Apple HomePod (Siri) and Cortana worm their way into residences throughout the U.S.
By the year 2020, it's predicted that over 21 million of these "smart speaker" personal assistant devices will be in use, with 50% of all Internet searches being conducted through voice-activated commands. 
With voice-activated search, the personal assistant device generates one top result in the audible response. How the assistant chooses the … (0 comments)

bonita breit copywriter: Never Underestimate the Power of Thank-You Notes - 01/07/19 11:21 PM
When is the last time you sent out a thank-you card or note? If it's been a long time, don't feel bad! A University of Texas study of 334 people found that most of them felt awkward about writing and sending thank-you notes. Yet this simple gesture is very important for both you and the gift-giver! 
A recent issue of Psychological Science reported that the act of sending a "thank you" provided mental and emotional benefits to the writer of the note! Expressing and feeling gratitude fights depression and improves attitude. In turn, this contributes to greater self-esteem and improved productivity. 
Receiving a thank-you note provides … (3 comments)

bonita breit copywriter: 7 Reasons Why You Need Custom Content in Your Real Estate Blog - 11/27/18 05:46 AM
If you've been using a subscription service for your real estate blog content - or worse, a "free" content provider - you're hurting your brand. Here's why!
1. Authenticity counts. If your blog says the same thing as a number of other blogs, Google doesn't see it as "yours." This means no SEO value. Worse, Google could penalize your site for having duplicate content, and reduce your search ranking. 
2. Your unique value proposition is non-existent in subscription content. How do you differentiate yourself from 1.5 million agents? Canned content with a one-size-fits-all approach does nothing to promote your brand, your niche, or your expertise. 
3. … (6 comments)

bonita breit copywriter: Home Buyers Are Not Leaving the Market - 10/11/18 10:45 PM
Home buyers may be taking a step back from the market, but there's good reason to believe it's a temporary break and not a long departure. A recent online poll by MSN asked prospective home buyers if they were more or less likely to buy a home because of interest rates hovering around 5%. 
The question was framed as follows, with respondents asked to choose one answer: 
"Do interest rates of 5% make you..."
Less likely to buy a house More likely to buy a house No change to plans Don't know The survey garnered 245,566 responses.  Here's how the answers shook out:
The majority of respondents, … (2 comments)

bonita breit copywriter: How to deal with Facebook's latest pain-in-the-butt algorithm change - 01/26/18 12:21 AM
Ah, Facebook. The 900-lb social media gorilla that you can't ignore, with 2.07 billion monthly active users. But the bigger Facebook gets, the harder it is for them to keep people happy. For the past several years, Facebook's answer to the quandary of too much content, has been to diminish your slice of the organic-reach pie...especially if you're a business. 
Facebook's newest algorithm change puts "friends and family first" in the user experience, and strives to improve the quality of content. Fair enough. We've done some homework and brainstorming for you. We'll bottom-line what this latest Facebook change means - and what you can do about … (9 comments)

bonita breit copywriter: My Experience as a Real Estate "Lead" - 12/18/17 05:33 PM
Several weeks ago, I used the referral page of a national website. I thought it'd be interesting to share my experience, and see what you thought of it! 
Before I go further, I should disclose that I've worked in some facet of the real estate and mortgage industries for the vast majority of my career. So I have realistic expectations, and I understand the wild daily variety that comes with the turf.
Also, I conducted this experiment in good faith - I am truly a prospective home buyer and seller, and my timeline is sometime in the upcoming year or two. Probably what you'd … (1 comments)

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