email tips: 9 Rules of Writing Real Estate Emails - 03/17/16 08:16 PM
It’s hard to believe, but web-based, “free” consumer email has been around for about 20 years! Remember the screeching, dial-up modems and clunky desktop computers we once used to read it? Times have changed, and now we commonly read emails from our smartphones.
With that in mind, today’s email messages need to be short, clear and purposeful. To help you update your email writing skills, we’re sharing some great tips from Inc. magazine, along with suggestions of our own!
1. Use speech recognition to create short messages. If you’ve been avoiding your speech recognition app, invest a little time practicing with it. … (3 comments)

email tips: How I’ve Overcome Inbox Overload - 02/02/09 04:28 AM
I’ve had it… I can’t take it anymore. My goal for each and every day for the last 4 weeks has been to clean out my inbox.   It is a vicious circle… clean out email, let it pile up for a few weeks and then spend 4 weeks trying to clear out… then start all over again. I finally realized it is not possible to keep up on my inbox on a consistent basis unless I maximize technology to help.  So, that is what I’ve done.  Now, I am left with 1 or 2 emails in my inbox each day when … (4 comments)

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