facebook for real estate: How to deal with Facebook's latest pain-in-the-butt algorithm change - 01/26/18 12:21 AM
Ah, Facebook. The 900-lb social media gorilla that you can't ignore, with 2.07 billion monthly active users. But the bigger Facebook gets, the harder it is for them to keep people happy. For the past several years, Facebook's answer to the quandary of too much content, has been to diminish your slice of the organic-reach pie...especially if you're a business. 
Facebook's newest algorithm change puts "friends and family first" in the user experience, and strives to improve the quality of content. Fair enough. We've done some homework and brainstorming for you. We'll bottom-line what this latest Facebook change means - and what you can do about … (7 comments)

facebook for real estate: New Facebook Reponse Rate Encourages Engagement - 07/06/15 01:23 PM
Facebook's new features encourage page administrators to promptly answer questions from visitors. Here's the latest that we picked up from TechCrunch and the Boston Business Journal!
Facebook Response Rate: This feature is still in the test phase, but it is appearing on pages with 1,000 Likes or more. In a nutshell, Facebook is measuring how well you respond to inquiries on your page!
The good news is, Facebook will not share a "bad" response rate with the public, so you won't be shamed into making Facebook your full-time career. However, they will share a "good" response rate and make it viewable … (5 comments)

facebook for real estate: The 3 New Rules of Facebook Organic Reach - 04/24/15 05:03 PM

Facebook's newest algorithm change will potentially reduce organic reach for business pages, as Facebook draws a deeper line between personal posts and unpaid business posts. As of April 21, 2015, Facebook quietly made the following changes to user news feeds:
1. Priority is now given to personal content from family and friends. A user's news feed will give priority to Grumpy Cat memes from their Aunt Sophie, while your new listing will show further down the thread.
2. Posts in news feeds with active comments will no longer default to the top of the feed. In other words, if a user isn't part … (3 comments)

facebook for real estate: Use Booshaka to Monitor Your Most Loyal Facebook Fans! - 11/02/11 09:45 AM
Utilizing analytics to measure the success of your Facebook business page is incredibly important. You can use tools such as Facebook Insights to monitor how many people are looking at your page, reading your posts, interacting with your brand and viewing your visual media. You can also discern which posts are getting the most interaction, which allows you to make changes accordingly. By using an analytics tool to monitor exactly what is working on your Facebook page, (and what isn’t), you can set realistic goals for your social networking efforts.
The one thing that you have never been able to pinpoint, … (4 comments)

facebook for real estate: Some Upcoming Changes to Facebook Pages… - 10/12/11 07:53 AM
Well, it’s happened again: Facebook has gone ahead and switched things up on us. I’m sure you’ve all seen the recent updates to the personal profiles, but what some of you might be overlooking are the upcoming changes to business pages. These changes will be much more subtle than the ones made on the personal profile, but they’re still important to know! Facebook is getting rid of the some of the extraneous features on their business pages in order to make the use of your marketing time more efficient and user-friendly.
As real estate virtual assistants, we think that it’s incredibly … (7 comments)

facebook for real estate: From Smart Lists to Reviews, There’s Even More Awesome Facebook Features! - 09/14/11 07:42 AM
Is it just me, or does it seem like Facebook has been rolling out a ton of changes lately? It seems that every time I log in, there’s something different that the social networking site is offering, and all of it is good. There’s no doubt that Facebook is a powerful marketing tool, but up until recently, its capabilities were limited. If you would have told me two years ago that Facebook could be used as a marketing platform, I wouldn’t have believed it. Sure, businesses were starting to make pages on it, but the ability of a brand to really … (6 comments)

facebook for real estate: Facebook Privacy Settings Just Got Easier to Understand - 09/07/11 08:56 AM
As real estate virtual assistants, we hear many potential and current clients talk about Facebook on a daily basis. The social networking site is one of the hottest marketing tools at the moment, but many agents are uncomfortable with how open the profiles can be, if you don’t understand the privacy settings. The need to separate business from personal on Facebook has evolved over the past year, from the introduction of Facebook Business pages, to the ability to create lists, to their latest additions, which allow you to choose who exactly gets to see each individual post.
Throughout all of these … (3 comments)

facebook for real estate: Use Facebook Ads to Target Your Market! - 08/25/11 07:29 AM
Once we build our clients’ social media sites and post great content on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for a few weeks, we take some time to build up their fan base. Whether it is inviting all of our clients’ personal friends to “like” the page or running an incentive or contest, it is our job as real estate virtual assistants to go above and beyond just posting to a page. We also have to focus on getting our clients the fans they need to start interacting and getting business.
One of the things that we offer, which is typically very effective, … (0 comments)

facebook for real estate: Maintaining Your Facebook Page Just Got Easier... - 06/29/11 10:45 AM
Over the past few months, Facebook has gone to great lengths to make their Pages feature for businesses separate from personal profiles. As a result, you have to go to a separate help center for your page, create a separate URL for it, and like business pages and add applications while under the login of your Facebook business page. It can get confusing, knowing where to go on Facebook to get exactly what you need for your page, and to make sure that you stay on top of all the new features the site seems to add every few months. … (4 comments)

facebook for real estate: A Guided Tour to the New Facebook Pages - 04/07/11 10:41 AM
As many of you may have noticed when you log in to your Facebook business pages, they have changed the layout of the pages...again. As much as we love Facebook, even we have to acknowledge that their constant changes are hard to keep up with! Once we started poking around in the new page layout, however, we noticed that their ideas are actually fantastic. The new layout looks more modern and up-to-date, and the best part is that it allows you to separate your business and personal activity on Facebook even more. If your head is still spinning at the new … (2 comments)

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