facebook tips: 3 Secrets of Facebook Success - 01/17/16 05:15 PM
To keep user newsfeeds manageable, Facebook uses complex algorithms to decide how posts are distributed. This has resulted in ever-shrinking organic reach. Small Facebook pages, having 1,000 page Likes or less, can expect about 22.8% of their posts to reach their audience. As your page grows, the organic reach actually shrinks! At 50,000 page Likes, organic post reach drops under 10%.
Facebook cheerfully offers to “Boost” your post reach, for a fee. Fortunately, you can improve your organic reach without spending a dime on Facebook advertising! Here are 3 Facebook “secrets” from social media mogul Neil Patel, along with suggestions of … (1 comments)

facebook tips: 7 Tips for Better Facebook Engagement - 03/31/15 12:15 PM
While Facebook usage is growing worldwide, organic reach and post engagement remain a challenge. As of January 2015, Facebook had 1.393 billion monthly active users, and 890 million daily active users.
Understandably, Facebook employs data filters to ensure that users are seeing the content that matters to them most.
By some estimates, this means that you'll reach anywhere from 7% to 25% of your total audience with any given post.
When that audience engages with your posts through Likes and comments, Facebook opens the filter a bit wider to show more of your content. When your audience shares your content on … (2 comments)

facebook tips: Use Booshaka to Monitor Your Most Loyal Facebook Fans! - 11/02/11 09:45 AM
Utilizing analytics to measure the success of your Facebook business page is incredibly important. You can use tools such as Facebook Insights to monitor how many people are looking at your page, reading your posts, interacting with your brand and viewing your visual media. You can also discern which posts are getting the most interaction, which allows you to make changes accordingly. By using an analytics tool to monitor exactly what is working on your Facebook page, (and what isn’t), you can set realistic goals for your social networking efforts.
The one thing that you have never been able to pinpoint, … (4 comments)

facebook tips: Facebook Privacy Settings Just Got Easier to Understand - 09/07/11 08:56 AM
As real estate virtual assistants, we hear many potential and current clients talk about Facebook on a daily basis. The social networking site is one of the hottest marketing tools at the moment, but many agents are uncomfortable with how open the profiles can be, if you don’t understand the privacy settings. The need to separate business from personal on Facebook has evolved over the past year, from the introduction of Facebook Business pages, to the ability to create lists, to their latest additions, which allow you to choose who exactly gets to see each individual post.
Throughout all of these … (3 comments)

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