online marketing: The 3 New Rules of Facebook Organic Reach - 04/24/15 05:03 PM

Facebook's newest algorithm change will potentially reduce organic reach for business pages, as Facebook draws a deeper line between personal posts and unpaid business posts. As of April 21, 2015, Facebook quietly made the following changes to user news feeds:
1. Priority is now given to personal content from family and friends. A user's news feed will give priority to Grumpy Cat memes from their Aunt Sophie, while your new listing will show further down the thread.
2. Posts in news feeds with active comments will no longer default to the top of the feed. In other words, if a user isn't part … (3 comments)

online marketing: Remarketing for Real Estate - What Is It and How Does It Help? - 10/29/14 02:30 PM
Competition within the real estate industry is fierce and out-spending your competitors can seem like an impossible task. Large real estate franchises spend enormous sums of money to keep their brand at the forefront of consumers’ minds and are constantly competing to be the biggest, the best and the most lucrative brokerages in the country. Fortunately, real estate marketing doesn’t have to be the daunting, expensive dark cloud looming over your office. Any real estate professional can have high-impact, global-quality marketing that is strategically targeted to your audience – All within your own budget. With a little research and a knowledgeable … (1 comments)

online marketing: Why Google+ Matters! - 10/15/14 03:29 PM
Many real estate professionals are already aware of the importance of Google+, but not many know exactly how to use this newer social network or understand the value that it can create for their online marketing. While Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks are also essential for any business's online presence, Google+ shouldn't be brushed aside! Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team manages and maintains the online presence for several clients and are well-versed in social media platforms both large and small. As a result, we've noted the many benefits of spending equal amounts of time in cultivating a presence … (5 comments)

online marketing: The Must-Haves of a Facebook Business Page! - 10/06/14 09:41 AM
We all know that Facebook is one of the major top social networks when it comes to online marketing and brand visibility. Figures and statistics don't lie, such as the fact that 30 million businesses now have a Facebook page (Source: - Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team believes that a Facebook business page is one of the most paramount facets of an online marketing plan. However, not all Facebook pages are built the same. There are certain elements that our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team knows are essential to a complete business page while boosting SEO and brand awareness. … (1 comments)

online marketing: 3 Tips for Optimizing Your Blog Posts! - 09/09/14 09:33 AM
Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team has written frequently about blogging in the past, and the many benefits that it offers you, your online presence and your search engine optimization. However, there are a few key things that we always suggest implementing into each and every blog post to ensure that it is optimized as much as possible and you, in turn, see the most traction and results for your efforts. Three of the most important things to take into consideration when writing your blog posts are:
1. Using keywords and headers. Keywords are, of course, what the millions of people … (0 comments)

online marketing: Save Time by Automating Your Social Media! - 08/26/14 11:43 AM
Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team understands the busy life of a real estate professional - With appointments, meetings, closings, showings and office time, you're constantly on the go! Every real estate professional can use an extra helping hand, particularly during the busy season, so they have a few less things to worry about and can focus on the major tasks in front of them. Social media, the necessary tools for any online marketing plan, can quickly and easily be automated with the help of a few user-friendly applications. While they all have different pros and cons, learning to use a … (4 comments)

online marketing: Informative SEO Terms to Know! - 07/16/14 10:38 AM
Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team has long been proponents of the importance of search-engine optimization and ensuring the content on your website is written for Google, Yahoo!, Bing and others. However, there are many terms and phrases that can oftentimes lead to confusion - Especially for a professional that isn't too familiar with the different aspects of SEO! Here is a quick and simple glossary of important SEO terms that you may have heard, or you may want to brush up on:
-AdWords: Google's Pay-Per-Click advertising program, these are typically the ads that you see on the side of the … (1 comments)

online marketing: 5 Mistakes to Stop Making With Your Website! - 07/08/14 01:28 PM
It's no secret that your website is quite possibly the most important tool that you have for generating new leads, branding yourself and encouraging potential clients to contact you. However, not all websites are created equal. Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team has helped many real estate professionals around the country with rebuilding, re-branding and revitalizing their website and online presence to meet the evolving needs of tech-savvy buyers and sellers. While frequent content updates are necessary to ensure search engine optimization, there are a few mistakes that we often see others make with their websites. Here are just a handful … (4 comments)

online marketing: The Power of Testimonials! - 06/09/14 11:47 AM
As a longtime Real Estate Virtual Assistant team that has worked alongside many real estate professionals, including those just getting their business off of the ground as well as those managing highly successful careers, there have always been a few tools that go miles in the way of credibility and professionalism. One of those tools are legitimate, unfiltered client testimonials. There are a few different ways to utilize client testimonials through social media and the web, to ensure the most wide-reaching impact for the reviews that you've earned. Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team has seen very effective client testimonials used … (2 comments)

online marketing: Measuring the Success of Your E-Mail Blasts! - 05/26/14 08:47 AM
Sales and marketing professionals love technology and innovation, especially when it comes to working "smarter" and being able to accomplish things quickly, easily and by the click of a mouse. E-mail blasts have long been a popular tool of marketing communication due to the ease, simplicity and, of course, inexpensiveness of creating and launching a campaign. Because they are generally less costly than print campaigns and usually faster than direct letters, postcards or printed newsletters, it's no wonder that people use them so often to communicate with their prospects and clients.
However, measuring the success of an e-mail blast campaign can … (2 comments)

online marketing: Tips for Using LinkedIn to Your Professional Advantage! - 04/01/14 10:48 AM
Out of many social networks, each with their own pros, cons, audiences and suggested uses, LinkedIn has long been the overall standard for professional virtual networking. With a user base of over 259 million professionals across the globe (Source:, it covers just about every industry, trade and profession. While most people realize that creating an account, filling it in with your experience, education and other resume points and connecting with colleagues past and present is key, what many don't realize is how much more this social network can offer! Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team tends to be very active … (4 comments)

online marketing: Social Media Marketing Statistics to Remember! - 03/11/14 11:38 AM
Everyone has heard the age-old phrase that “knowledge is power”. This is particularly true in business, and especially within the real estate industry. Professionals are highly dependent on themselves for clients and referrals, and the ability to reach out will certainly determine success. As a professional Real Estate Virtual Assistant team, we often field questions about social media marketing and its importance. While we can cite many examples of social media success and how its now an integral part of a real estate professional’s life, oftentimes the facts speak for themselves. Here is just a sample of some mind-blowing, eye-popping social … (13 comments)

online marketing: 4 Must-Have Features for Your Real Estate Website! - 02/14/14 01:33 AM
A real estate professional’s website may very well be one of their most important marketing tools! Ensuring that yours is working for you and meeting the criteria of a successful website in today’s rapid-paced information age is important for seeing a return on your investment. While there are many essential aspects to a quality, successful website, there are a few things that are of the utmost importance. These “must-have” features include:
-Mobile Capabilities. The great majority of property searches are conducted online, and the mobile industry is only expected to continue its explosive growth. This means that more and more property … (15 comments)

online marketing: 5 Ways to Boost Your Spirit of Thankfulness This Holiday Season! - 11/21/13 06:20 AM

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just a week away!  Chances are you’re ready for the much needed break and time spent with family and friends.  Yet, with the busy schedule leading up to the holiday season, and even continuing throughout, it can be hard to take time out to think through all the things for which you’re thankful.
Of course it can be easy to think of a list off the top of your head.  Things such as family, health and friends are some of the first things that will come to mind.  But, what about your work?  … (1 comments)

online marketing: Your Fall Business Plan Check-Up! - 10/10/13 06:53 AM

As we approach the middle of October, you may be looking back and wondering where this year has gone.  The busy lifestyle real estate industry professionals lead often has you running from one thing to the next and, before you know it, another year has gone by!  
We wanted to take a moment to slow down and help you reflect on how business has been going.  Have you met certain goals for the year?  Did you take on the new business ventures or marketing tactics you wanted to master this year?
Back in December, just before the … (2 comments)

online marketing: Here's the Scoop on Simplifying Social Media! - 08/29/13 03:25 AM
Want to simplify your social media??  Here’s the scoop! is a robust curation and social media publishing platform that allows for you to get the most out of content marketing. Meaning, spend less time and make your social media even more powerful! 
This new tool is kind of like Pinterest for social media, but better!  You can easily divide up your topics to see what’s hot in social media on that specific subject.  

Here’s how it works:
- Create a page where you can connect with friends, colleagues and clients.
- Create a topic (or multiple topics) … (2 comments)

online marketing: Step Away from the Cell Phone! 4 Faux Pas You Don't Want to Make! - 08/16/13 03:36 AM

Cell phones.  We can’t leave home without them, we feel frantic when we’ve misplaced them, they have the power to keep us connect to loved ones, and are an integral part of our business.  What did we do before we had them?  They’re truly a key part of our lives whether we’d like to admit it or not.
The question comes down to, how do you use your cell phone?  
- Is it an asset to your personal and work life or do you find yourself ruled by it?  
- Have you set up boundaries or are … (2 comments)

online marketing: 5 Tips for True Success! - 06/27/13 05:12 AM

Feeling successful in the real estate industry can change from one day to the next.  You may come off a huge sale one day, only to find your buyer decided to switch to a new agent.  There are a number of wins and losses that can come in a single week, so being “successful” may seem worlds away.
Yet, any successful person has had to navigate their share of failures; it’s just a matter of how they handled them.  Lasting success isn’t concerned about the minor bumps along the way, but is a series of corrections and good old … (4 comments)

online marketing: Concerned About Your Online Reputation? Don't Miss This New Service! - 06/06/13 05:02 AM

As Real Estate Virtual Assistants, there are a number of things that we handle for clients every day that we’ve been doing for years.  Our experience in these tasks  are what keep our clients coming back as they appreciate the consistency and expertise.
Yet, we also know that as our world continues to change, we constantly need to be looking at our services and updating them to meet our client needs!  
Whether you like it or not, your online presence is a direct reflection of your business.  Today, most people will first search online for a real … (0 comments)

online marketing: The Top 4 Online Marketing Trends for 2013! - 02/21/13 03:30 AM

Online marketing is constantly evolving and here at RealSupport Inc, our team of Real Estate Virtual Assistants are focused on staying on top of what’s new, what works and how to implement these tools for our clients.  
It’s been a great start to 2013 and we are looking forward to working with our loyal clients and the new clients we’ll meet throughout the year!  While we do cover print marketing and other tasks for our clients, the heart of our company is online marketing.  Our world today is becoming more and more integrated online and we’re excited about … (0 comments)

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