real estate: Use Every Door Direct for Efficient, Cheaper Mailings! - 05/30/12 06:59 AM
A large part of our job, as real estate virtual assistants, is to find ways to find the best, most efficient tools that our clients can use to complete their high-priority marketing tasks. While many of our efforts focus on the most tech-centric methods, we still assist many of our clients with mailings. Sending out letters and postcards is still one of the most effective ways to keep in touch with your sphere of influence. The problem for most is that printing and mailing companies are quite expensive. Most are willing to pay, since mailings are a necessary part of their … (3 comments)

real estate: Do You Use These Google Analytics Features? - 11/30/11 08:22 AM
Part of having an active presence online is monitoring and tracking the traffic and interaction you are seeing in all aspects of your internet marketing. From your website to your Facebook business page, there are several marketing tools that you may have set up by now that are meant to translate into new business. Many real estate agents use Google Analytics to track their online presence, which is a great tool to use. In March of this year, Google rolled out a new analytics interface. Up until this point, people have had the option to either convert to the new platform … (5 comments)

real estate: Create a Branded Google+ Page! - 11/16/11 10:12 AM
The long-anticipated day has finally arrived: you can now create a Google+ page for your business! They are called “Branded Google+ pages”, and they are not only very easy to set up, but they’re also another way that you can truly expand your online presence. As your real estate virtual assistants, we like to keep you in the loop about the latest technology updates, so when we saw that Google+ rolled out this new feature early last week, we immediately created a branded Google+ page of our own.
We know what you’re thinking: yet ANOTHER profile for me to maintain? Trust … (7 comments)

real estate: Is Social Media Really Worth My Time? - 10/26/11 09:33 AM
Despite the recent rise in social media marketing applications, techniques and success stories, several real estate agents across the country still don’t see social networking as a valuable resource. They consider it to be a waste of time and far too difficult to figure out. Overall, they just don’t see how getting interaction and posting updates translates into getting new business.
As real estate virtual assistants, we make it a priority to keep our clients informed about how they can use social media in order to enhance their online presence. Whenever we come across an agent who is skeptical, we point … (3 comments)

real estate: 4 Ideas to Unblock Bloggers Block! - 01/27/11 08:41 AM
So you’ve committed to blogging consistently in the new year and, so far, so good!  Whether you’ve had your blog for a while or are just starting out, you may have started to notice one of the hardest parts of real estate blogging: finding a topic.  We all know there are endless topics in real estate, but sometimes you just don’t feel like talking about the steps in buying a house, the latest social media news or what updates to make in order to sell a home.  Whether your blog is geared toward other agents or potential clients; you want to … (6 comments)

real estate: Blogging Beyond the SEO - 12/07/10 10:29 AM
We get it and we’re right there with you! SEO is a big deal and something that we’re constantly working at enhancing for our clients.  We get excited when we hear the success stories of our clients who use us for their real estate blogging and get to page #1 in the search engines.  We know it takes dedication, consistency and good content to get to that level!But, what if we looked at blogging from a different angle?  What if we saw blogging beyond the SEO?  In today’s marketing culture, with the many real estate blogs out there; the way to … (9 comments)

real estate: Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update from RealSupport! - 12/02/10 05:50 AM

real estate: Ninjas with Blazers- A Modern Family Perspective on the Real Estate Industry - 11/19/10 04:41 AM
If there are any Modern Family fans out there, this post is for you!  If you’ve never watched this show, the basic premise is a blend of stories about three different families who are all related in some way, and who find themselves in true to life situations that are accentuated with humor by each unique character.  My favorite character is Phil who plays the role of father, husband, real estate agent and all around “cool-guy.” Phil’s character recently hit a slump in his real estate career, which seemed to ring all too true with, not only with agents, but with … (4 comments)

real estate: Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update from RealSupport! - 11/19/10 12:19 AM

real estate: It’s About Time! - 11/16/10 09:58 AM
One of the most crucial things to an agent is time.  This line of work requires a constant awareness of the ticking clock as you schedule appointments, showings, and numerous other activities.  Even your work is time sensitive as a listings’ days on market is closely watched by sellers, and buyers oftentimes find themselves in time crunch to find a home.  It comes as no surprise then, that time management can make or break you.  If you’re constantly running late, feeling stressed and not in control of your schedule; you need to revamp how you manage your time.  It may be … (3 comments)

real estate: The Importance of Capturing Leads - 11/10/10 04:01 AM
Well, you don’t want to hold them hostage, but you’d certainly like to capture them!  When thinking about your website, you may wonder who (if anyone at all) stops by and how effective your website really is.  Wouldn’t it be great to get a list of the visitors that stop by your site, especially those that are truly serious about buying or selling a home?  Now, we know lead capturing is nothing new, but we wanted to revisit the topic and give you some creative ways to ensure you don’t miss out on a great opportunity.  You may have a fantastic … (9 comments)

real estate: Picture This! A Simple Way to Boost Your Real Estate Image - 11/05/10 10:19 AM
Whether we like it or not, “image” in the real estate industry is a factor.  Now, in some cases this can be the stereotypical glamorous agents we see on real estate reality shows.  However, the vast majority of agents aren’t confused for models and wouldn’t think of pursuing an acting career.  So, this poses the question:  How can the average agent enhance their image in the industry?  The answer?  A unique, professional and memorable headshot.  It’s seem easy... maybe a little too easy, but how you present yourself speaks volumes about how you present your business.  People notice.  Recently, Stacey Harmon … (7 comments)

real estate: Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update from RealSupport! - 09/22/10 06:03 AM

real estate: Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update from RealSupport! - 09/09/10 03:59 AM

real estate: Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update from RealSupport! - 08/25/10 05:07 AM

real estate: Need a Vacation? How to Have the Stress Free Getaway that You Deserve! - 08/19/10 06:53 AM
So, you haven’t had a vacation in years.  Or maybe you’ve attempted to get away from it all, but it seemed that there was always a call to take or an email to send and you found it impossible to put your blackberry down.  As an agent, you’ve experienced the chaotic workday schedule and probably wonder what it’s like to get away from it all the way people with “normal” job schedules do.  The Real Estate industry is a fast paced, moment to moment environment, which means you have to follow suit or fall behind. 
And what about the holidays?  Although … (0 comments)

real estate: Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update from RealSupport! - 08/12/10 04:41 AM

real estate: - Have Confidence & Let Your Guard Down When Marketing Yourself! - 07/28/10 07:51 AM
It’s not easy to be transparent.  Allowing someone to see your strengths, weaknesses, successes and failures is tough, yet it seems that those are the relationships that are the truest and deepest in our lives.  It’s a step of faith to be vulnerable and let others see the real you, but it’s a chance worth taking.
Now, before you start to think of this as a therapy session, this type of transparency actually does relate to your work!  One of the things we as a team of Real Estate Virtual Assistants love to do is to bring you fresh and innovative … (4 comments)

real estate: – The New Wave of Scheduling is Here to Stay! - 07/14/10 10:55 AM
Scheduling can be one of the most frustrating things in the Real Estate business. Your whole world revolves around your listing appointments, open houses, buyer showing appointments and many other important meetings. Coordinating your schedule with everyone else’s busy schedule seems near to impossible. Until now.
What if you could instantly see your co-workers, clients and your schedule all at once? What if you could sync all of your calendars into one location and have each updated automatically? What if finding a time to schedule a meeting that works for everyone was as easy a click of a button? Well, you’ve … (2 comments)

real estate: Exciting Announcements & Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update! - 06/30/10 10:29 AM

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