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For many of us, the Olympics can’t come around soon enough and when they do, we find ourselves glued to our TV’s or mobile devices!  Whether you enjoy watching swimming, gymnastics, soccer or even the trampoline competition, it’s hard to break away from seeing these amazing athletes in action.  For me, the women’s gymnastics is a favorite as these young girls find themselves in front of millions of people, yet perform jaw dropping flips and twists with such ease.  After they took home to Gold for the team competition, I watched an interview which focused on their strong team bond … (5 comments)

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As real estate agents; you’re always on the go.  From showing appointments, to meeting with potential clients, to making sure marketing efforts are underway at your office and all those other daily tasks; you’re constantly running from one thing to the next!
Making sure you stay on top of everything can mean that every minute of your day is accounted for and there’s not a lot of wiggle room in your schedule.  Because of your busy life, we wanted to let you know about a service that can save you a few extra steps; creating a little more time … (0 comments)

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As Real Estate Virtual Assistants, we often give tips on engaging with social media as we feel it’s an important part of any growing business!  We’re all aware that Facebook and Twitter are no longer a passing phase as we may have once thought; but are here for the long haul. 
In wanting to put everything you’ve got into growing your real estate business, you’ve no doubt plugged in to both of these mediums.  Which is great!  Engaging past, current and potential clients through social media is essential to staying in the game.  
But it can become … (5 comments)

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It happens to all of us.  At one point or another we will all fail.  The question is, will you fail successfully? 
It seems counterintuitive to succeed at failing, but since we all have been and will be there in the future; there has to be a way to not only face failure, but to make the most of it.  
Let’s think of some examples from your real estate business...
You don’t meet your sales goals for you or your sellers.
You lose a potential client to the “other agent.”
You lose a current client to … (2 comments)

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As real estate agents, you know all about helping your clients make their home stand out from other homes on the market.  You provide sellers with tips on making their home move-in ready and you create a personalized marketing plan for their home that will wow potential buyers.  However, while you’re making sure your clients are providing that great first impression of their home; your own “wow factor” may be fading.
Sound familiar?  It’s easy to get so involved in your day to day demands with trying to give the best to your clients that you forget about trying … (4 comments)

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You’ve done it!  You’ve created a cutting edge online presence, are keeping up with your online social media, and you’re getting great feedback.  And, whether you’ve achieved this success on your own or by using a Real Estate Virtual Assistant to handle your online activity; getting to this point is something to be celebrated.  So, congratulations!
In this online society, it truly is important to be on top of your website, real estate blog, Facebook, Twitter and now even Pinterest.  Yet, because the tendency is to be completely interactive online, it can be easy to lose site of how you’re … (3 comments)

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A key component of being an effective real estate agent is communication.  Many of you can probably attest that you’ve generated leads simply by meeting people at the grocery store, coffee shop or through being introduced by a mutual friend.  It’s those quick, personal interactions that happen all the time which can transform happenstance meetings into lifelong clients.  The question is, can you provide a compelling 60 second story of your business in order to capture that lead?
When I first started here at RealSupport, our Vice President Erica asked me to come up with my “elevator speech” about our … (5 comments)

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As a real estate agent, you understand the importance of great pictures.  Oftentimes, people begin their home search online months prior to contacting a real estate agent about looking for a home.  And what’s their main source of getting a good feel for that home?  The pictures on your website or other real estate websites.  In short; great pictures should be a top priority.
Now, as Real Estate Virtual Assistants, we work with real estate agents all over the country and have seen our fair share of amazing pictures and those that are, well, less than great.  And, even … (4 comments)

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Is email marketing a part of your strategy for this year?  You’ve probably realized that getting into your clients, past clients and future clients inboxes is a great way to remain connected to them.  But is it effective?  
Recently, Boomerang for Gmail analyzed over 5 million messages in their database to gather the most up to date stats on when to send emails, key words to use, key words you don’t want to use and how much time is spent on email everyday.  Whether you send out a regular real estate newsletter, have a customized drip email campaign or … (12 comments)

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Google always seems to be coming up with some innovative way to stay in the loop and even on the cutting edgeof technology.  Last year, Google Circles became a social buzz and this year they’re creating a rival to QR codes.  
Recently, I came across an article in which the author was convinced that Google’s latest Mobile Visual Search (MVS), Google Goggles, will quickly surpass the growing QR code trend.  But, I’m not so sure.
If you haven’t been introduced to MVS yet, it’s basically an application that allows you to take a picture on your smartphone … (5 comments)

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