real estate marketing: How to Put Testimonials to Work for You! - 08/04/11 11:07 AM

Information is instantaneous in our day and age which can be good... and bad.  Let’s think in the realm of reviews and referrals.  If your friends go to the newest restaurant in town and love it, you’re sure to hear about their experience.  Whether you talk in person, read it on their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter, their review can be easily received by many people at once.  Chances are, all of their friends are now eager to check out the restaurant and word begins to spread quickly.  
The bottom line?  Whether good or bad, a … (23 comments)

real estate marketing: Want to Get Rid of Mundane Tasks? There's an App for That! - 07/28/11 08:18 AM
It was only a matter of time before the famed iPhone came out with an app for doing those daily, mundane task that you don’t want to do.  It’s called TaskRabbit.  Now, TaskRabbit, formerly known as RunMyErrands, has been around for a little while allowing those with a limited schedule and a less-than-limited budget to assign chores like grocery shopping, picking up the dry cleaning or any other task you can think of to other people who will do it for you.  What a great concept!
Well, as we continue expanding on our super convenient lifestyle, TaskRabbit just announced their new … (5 comments)

real estate marketing: Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update from RealSupport! - 07/12/11 03:35 AM

real estate marketing: Become an HGTV Real Estate Expert! - 07/07/11 06:35 AM

I don’t know about you, but I love watching home shows about design, house hunting and inspiring ideas for spaces.  And, while I don’t actually own a home, it’s fun to dream up ways to make my apartment more functional and inviting.  I’m sure as real estate agents you probably have mixed feelings about these types of shows.  You either want a break from the real estate scene, or you enjoy seeing what’s out there in your real estate world.  Either way, I ran across something the other day that I wanted to share with you!
In searching a few … (8 comments)

real estate marketing: Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update from RealSupport! - 06/20/11 09:26 AM

real estate marketing: Did You Know...? - 06/16/11 07:06 AM
As Real Estate Virtual Assistants, we often get agents come to us with the statements, “I don’t know if this is something you do...” or “I didn’t know you guys did that!” so I thought it was time for a little session of Did You Know...?  
Being a Real Estate Virtual Assistant is worlds apart from being just a virtual assistant.  Many virtual assistants work from home on their own, will need to be trained in the real estate specific tasks you need them to do, and will provide only the service that you request of them.  And that’s okay.  … (3 comments)

real estate marketing: Spice Up Your Social Media This Summer with these 6 Quick Sizzling Tips! - 06/09/11 08:42 AM

So, we’re about half way through 2011 and you’ve found yourself fully embracing the social media trends.  You came up with a brilliant social media marketing plan as part of your New Year’s resolution in order to tackle this lively marketing medium, and you’ve stayed on course.  We’d like to congratulate you on a job well done!  We know coming up with, and sticking to a social media plan takes a lot of work and dedication, and we applaud you!
However, while you saw a surge of new Facebook fans or Twitter followers in the first few months, you … (7 comments)

real estate marketing: Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update from RealSupport! - 06/09/11 03:04 AM

real estate marketing: Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update from RealSupport! - 06/03/11 10:41 AM

real estate marketing: Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update from RealSupport! - 05/16/11 05:19 AM

real estate marketing: How to Create Dynamic Contact Forms & Calls to Action on Your Website! - 04/28/11 09:48 AM
Have you ever visited a real estate website that resembles an in your face used car commercial with flashing graphics, neon colors and every sentence competing for your attention all at once?  You immediately feel the urge to click off the page and avoid being pressured to “act NOW!”On the other hand, there are those websites that seem somewhat mysterious and finding any type of contact information feels like a treasure hunt with a dead end.  After a minute of trying to figure out where the real estate agent is located or attempting to contact them to ask them a question … (5 comments)

real estate marketing: Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update from RealSupport! - 04/27/11 03:32 AM

real estate marketing: 5 Cost-Effective Ways to Create Buzz about You and Your Business! - 04/21/11 08:34 AM
Every agent wants it.  Whether it’s walking into a local restaurant and having people recognize you as “the” real estate agent in town, gaining new fans on your social media sites every day, having your phone ring off the hook with new leads or requests to be a guest speaker at a real estate conference; recognition and success go hand in hand.Yet we all know this type of buzz about you and your business will not just happen overnight.  It won’t even necessarily happen if you’re simply a great agent!  Your selling record may far exceed your area competition and you … (8 comments)

real estate marketing: How To Turn Your Blog into A Real Estate Hub! - 04/14/11 08:30 AM
Hub: [huhb] noun- a center around which other things revolve or from which they radiate; a focus of activity, authority, commerce, etc...  —Synonyms: core, pivot, heartDoes this describe your blog?  It should!  A great real estate blog can act as the center of your business- it’s heart and core- if you let it!  Now, many of you may be thinking, “wait a minute... I thought my website was the most important thing.”  It is.  Without a strong website that offers valuable information, your real estate listings, what you’re about and calls to action, your real estate business will quickly fade in … (5 comments)

real estate marketing: Exciting Announcements & Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update - 03/23/11 05:27 AM

real estate marketing: 4 Simple Steps to Manage Stress! - 03/14/11 11:03 AM
Stressed?  Almost too busy to read this post?  Perfect!  This is just for you!  I encourage you to take two minutes to sit down, take a deep breath and read through this simple post.  As Real Estate Virtual Assistants, our goal is to provide you with up to the minute marketing ideas and ways to make your life easier.  However, we also realize there’s a ton of information out there, multiple things to keep up with and even more things pulling you in every direction.  My purpose with this post is to give you an excuse to take a break for … (5 comments)

real estate marketing: Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update from RealSupport! - 02/24/11 06:43 AM

real estate marketing: Diary of a Virtual Assistant - 01/27/11 06:10 AM
We often get wrapped up in our own world and assume that everybody knows what we know and sees what we see. Your job as a real estate agent is second nature to you. You use terms such as MLS and REO on a regular basis and assume that everybody else knows what you are talking about. More than often though, they don't. That's why they trust you with their homes and not themselves. I often speak to you in this blog and assume that you know exactly how my company works. But more than likely, you don't. So here goes... … (3 comments)

real estate marketing: The 2011 Business Card- 6 Key Elements You Don’t Want to Miss! - 01/25/11 09:17 AM
While business cards may seem a little “old school” in today’s electronically driven environment; they’re still very necessary for Real Estate agents.  Whether you’re meeting up with potential clients, have a knack for finding leads at your local coffee shop or plan on attending networking events on a regular basis; the classic business card is still the “go to” for sharing your information. So, when’s the last time you updated your business card?We understand there’s a lot going on, but if you find yourself crossing an old email address off your card and writing in a new one, or your social … (12 comments)

real estate marketing: A Beautiful Marriage: Trulia and Facebook - 01/20/11 08:45 AM
I recently participated on the Trulia webinar "Trulia and Facebook are Now Connected." The webinar touted the new Facebook features now available on Trulia and how you can use them to your benefit as a real estate agent. After my experience with this particular webinar, it looks to me like it could be a beautiful relationship. In my experience as an avid webinar attendee, I have found that webinars can be very touch and go. Sometimes you participate in one, and find that you know more than the person giving the presentation. That was not the case here. Rudy from Trulia … (3 comments)

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