real estate va: How To Blog Like a Pro in 2014! - 01/20/14 07:57 AM
One of the wonderful things about ActiveRain is having an open forum to discuss anything and everything related to the real estate industry with like-minded peers, colleagues and people in similar roles all over the country. Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team has had the pleasure of connecting with many knowledgeable real estate professionals from every corner of the United States by offering marketing tips, ideas and samples of work we’ve done for many of our clients. We consider our blog to be an important communication tool and asset to our company due to its reach. If you’ve been considering focusing … (2 comments)

real estate va: Marketing Ideas for the Winter Time! - 01/09/14 12:03 PM
The winter season, after the holidays, can oftentimes seem like a bit of a drag. With the excitement of the holidays passed and several weeks (or months, depending on your location!) of slow, cold winter left before things pick up in the spring, it's no wonder that inspiration can be hard to come by! While it can be tough to think of good marketing and customer outreach tactics during a seasonally slow period, our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team is more than happy to discuss your marketing needs and provide samples of work we have done for other clients in your … (1 comments)

real estate va: 5 Ways to Best Utilize the Rest of Your Annual Marketing Budget! - 12/27/13 11:26 AM
Whether you utilize a set amount each year for your marketing endeavors or 2013 just happened to be particularly good for you, having a little extra in the budget at the end of the year is never a bad thing! You may be wondering how to best spread the extra around to truly benefit your business. Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team has a handful of inexpensive, easy suggestions to consider that are sure to be a great use of any leftover marketing budget! We suggest trying the following: 
Buy a Facebook Ad for Your Official Page. If you don't have … (1 comments)

real estate va: 4 Tech Goals to Consider for the New Year! - 12/20/13 08:47 AM
With 2014 on the horizon, now is a great time to take stock of your technology and marketing efforts for the previous year and create attainable goals for the new year! By taking a few hours to outline what you’d like to see happen with your technology and marketing in the new year, and the steps it will take to reach those goals, you’ll already be ahead of the curve by the time people start shouting “Happy New Year”! With technology now an integral part of the real estate industry, successful marketing and reaching new and current clients, here are a … (5 comments)

real estate va: Remember, Your Time Is Never Free - 02/01/13 05:33 AM
As real estate virtual assistants, we are often asked about the benefits of using our services. Since we work virtually for industry professionals all over the country, many are skeptical. The most common question that we get is, “Isn’t it more effective for me to hire an in-office assistant?” In some cases, yes, having someone in-office might be what works for you. The main response that we give is, “Your time is never free.”
What do we mean by that, exactly? Well, let’s consider a few things. Sure, social media sites, some listing marketing sites, and marketing efforts that you use … (2 comments)

real estate va: How Can Twitter Help With My Engagement? - 01/22/13 03:44 AM
Many real estate agents have already embraced social media, particularly Facebook and Pinterest. What I’ve also noticed is that there are still several professionals out there who just don’t understand Twitter. It’s understandable. Twitter seems to be a platform with a language all its own. In a forum where you only have 140 characters to express your thoughts, there are a number of abbreviations and “Twitter-isms” that the average agent might not understand upon first glance. This causes many to throw in the towel early-on and disregard Twitter. This is a mistake. Studies show that in terms of effectiveness, Twitter is … (2 comments)

real estate va: Kick Procrastination to the Curb! - 01/15/13 04:56 AM
Be honest: How much of your work stress is related to procrastination? Are you one of those people that procrastinate regularly and find reasons to rationalize it? Part of it is that some produce their best work when they’re under pressure and have a tighter deadline, but the bigger, more truthful fact of the matter is that most are just easily distracted. Sometimes, when there’s something that people really need to get done, they opt to do the easier tasks first than tackle the big project, or they decide “this can wait until tomorrow.”
The description above is one I’m sure … (15 comments)

real estate va: Take a S.M.A.R.T Approach to Social Media - 01/08/13 05:52 AM
It’s a new year and with that come a fresh set of goals. If you’re like me, one of your New Year’s resolutions is probably to be more active on your social networking sites.
It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that social media is effective. As real estate virtual assistants, we have to be S.M.A.R.T in how we approach our clients’ social networking initiatives. Yes, I’m throwing an acronym at you. Trust me, if you can keep S.M.A.R.T in mind, you’ll have a successful social media presence sooner than you think. It’s all about getting people to … (4 comments)

real estate va: The Lowdown on Google+ Communities From Your Virtual Assistants - 12/11/12 06:56 AM

If you’ve logged in to your Google+ account at all this week, you may have noticed a brand new icon on your sidebar called “communities.” This is yet another new feature that Google+ has added to their growing social media platform. It’s funny: many people gripe about the social networking site and how they don’t find it useful, but it is a necessary element of your online marketing, so it’s important to keep up with their new features. Any and all aspects of the social media platform are designed to improve your search engine rankings, particularly in Google.
So, … (3 comments)

real estate va: Balance Personality and Professionalism in Social Media - 11/27/12 06:53 AM
A large part of our job, as real estate virtual assistants, is to attempt to capture our clients’ “voices” on their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profiles. We want to come across as engaging, personable and approachable while still maintaining a certain level of professionalism. This is complicated, and it’s something that many real estate agents throughout the industry struggle with. How can you remain professional without being boring, and how can you show your personality and humor without being inappropriate? It does, admittedly, present a bit of a conundrum.
There a few ways that you can successfully capture an adequate balance … (0 comments)

real estate va: Create Eye-Catching CTAs! - 11/13/12 06:53 AM
One of the most important elements of your website are your call-to-actions. They are what create lead generation from your online presence. This has also become incredibly important on your Facebook page, too. With the Timeline layout, you have the ability to create custom CTAs on your Facebook page that you can showcase to your fans immediately, and they can match the branding of your timeline! Within these two major online marketing mediums, call to actions have become imperative to their success. Many still struggle, however, with making their CTAs eye-catching and creative.
This is where your real estate virtual assistant … (0 comments)

real estate va: The Top Four Reasons You SHOULD Outsource Your Social Media - 11/06/12 09:08 AM
Many in the real estate industry seem to think that you shouldn’t outsource your social media efforts. As real estate virtual assistants, this puzzles us. We work long and hard on creating and executing successful social media strategies for our clients. We’re firm believers in using sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ as a marketing tool. Many of our clients are too, but the problem is that they don’t understand the logic, strategy, and methods behind it.
That last sentence is the exact reason why you SHOULD outsource your social media. Real estate agents are busy human beings. Your … (0 comments)

real estate va: Boost Your Real Estate Business with Pinterest! - 07/17/12 04:34 AM
With so many social media sites on the internet nowadays, a big question is, “Which sites will I benefit from?” One of the newer websites which has taken over the social networking sphere is Pinterest, a collection of online bulletin boards where members can add their own original pins, repin, or like pins of fellow members. You follow people with similar interests, and people follow back.  As a newer technology many people are not aware of how exactly to use Pinterest in order to gain business.
One important tactic is to build relationships with your followers and the people you follow. … (4 comments)

real estate va: 5 Compelling Reasons to Use Google Plus in Your Social Media Strategy - 05/31/12 06:28 AM
Recently, Bob Stewart of Active Rain talked about the importance of Google Plus. In fact, Bob said that Google Plus is something you can’t live without! To see if that’s true, we’re sharing the best of Bob’s presentation along with our own insights!Google Plus is Google’s answer to Facebook. These two web titans are in a battle for online traffic, coming in at number 1 and 2 respectively. Here’s how they stack up in social media:
•    Facebook: 845 million users•    Google Plus: 100 million users
Google Plus was first released in July 2011. In less than a year, Google Plus … (7 comments)

real estate va: Courtesy of RealSupport, a FREE Trial With IXACT Contact - 05/14/12 01:15 AM
As real estate virtual assistants, we are always keeping our eye out for new software and services that our clients can use to make their lives easier. This is especially true for client and lead management. It’s difficult enough to have to worry about closing transactions and running your business without adding the additional hassle of staying in touch with all of your contacts. As we all know, however, interpersonal relationships are a huge part of the real estate business, so it’s one aspect that you definitely can not neglect.
We’ve recently come across a new real estate customer relationship management … (0 comments)

real estate va: Enhance Your Twitter Profile! - 04/10/12 06:35 AM
With the introduction of Facebook’s new Timeline for ALL business pages, your focus may have drifted away from keeping up with your other social media efforts. I mean, creating the perfect cover photo takes time and you of course want to monitor all the feedback it’s getting. 
Now that the initial shock of the Timeline has subsided, it’s time to start getting back into the swing of what I’d like to call “Facebook and Beyond.” 
Let’s talk about Twitter: A few years ago Twitter was viewed as the ultimate online cocktail party. It was easy to get found and even easier … (0 comments)

real estate va: Your RealBuzz Update: 3 Tips for Powerful Email Marketing - 03/07/12 12:24 AM

real estate va: Pinterest for Your Real Estate Brand - 02/28/12 03:17 AM
If you haven’t heard all the hubbub, Pinterest is the new big thing in social media. This new platform is not only a way to stay social, but also a way to share your interests with an entire community with thousands of participants. From food to sports to interior design and real estate, Pinterest allows you to showcase your work and the work of others with just a short caption and a click of a button. Still confused? Don’t worry, it took me about three weeks to understand what it’s all about (that was after the two weeks I waited for … (53 comments)

real estate va: See Social Media Success in Five Steps - 02/22/12 06:52 AM
When you think about it, the concept of “social media” has been around for a long time. The idea is to share information with your network that invites interaction and engagement, right? Well, while the current social media marketing strategy involves a computer screen and websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, that concept has really been used since businesses have started forming. The way to market and see success in your business is by finding a way to engage and interact with the public while showcasing your particular brand as the best in your field. In the past, that … (7 comments)

real estate va: Have You Mastered the Blogging Basics? - 01/18/12 09:20 AM
Search-engine optimization. Who knew that these three little words could become so important to successful online marketing? Many real estate agents spend several hours obsessing over how they can give themselves the most SEO possible so that they can achieve the ultimate dream: landing on page 1 of Google. As real estate virtual assistants, we completely understand the importance of having a strong, SEO-friendly online presence. After all, several of our clients come to us because they have found us on Google, but our secret wasn’t hiring an expensive SEO company or having search engine superpowers. Our secret can be summed … (2 comments)

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