real estate: Agents, Just Give Up. - 06/29/10 04:11 AM
It’s oftentimes hard to break through to potential clients that you’re an agent who truly cares.  Naturally, one of the main goals of an agent is to help clients buy or sell their home in the pursuit of getting a percentage of the sale.  And that’s great - that’s your job!  But there are many agents who also truly desire to HELP people find the right home or help with a sale for the betterment of their clients.

So, the issue arises of how you can break free from the pack of money-consumed agents to show that you have a … (2 comments)

real estate: Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update from RealSupport! - 05/26/10 05:30 AM

real estate: Where's Your Team Spirit? Afterall, it could earn you 3 FREE Hours of Virtual Assistant Services! - 05/25/10 04:12 AM
Are you a sports fan?  Hockey, football, basketball, soccer, tennis, the list goes on!

1.) Visit our RealSupport Facebook Page
2.) Click "Like" to become a fan
3.) Post a photo(s) on our wall and/or fan photo section of you in your favorite team's gear!
Post your picture(s) by 5pm on May 31st!
Best picture wins 3 FREE hours of our services!
Winner to be announced the week of June 1st!!
Hurry!  Become a fan and post your pictures NOW!

real estate: Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update from RealSupport! - 04/22/10 02:42 AM

real estate: So You Set Up a Facebook Fan Page, But Are You Really Capitalizing On It? - 04/21/10 07:42 AM
To compare your Facebook fan page (when used properly) to your standard business website would be like comparing a 3G phone to a pager.  Facebook is a bilateral experience to engage and respond, reach out to your community, become a part of new social circles, the possibilities are endless!   Keep it up to date. A dormant Facebook is actually worse than not having a Facebook at all.  If you don’t have fans, new content, and updated material, users will think you have nothing going on, and the lackluster impression will reflect on your professional image and leave your page visitors unconvinced.  … (6 comments)

real estate: Your Don’t Do List: 8 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid - 04/21/10 06:55 AM

Everyday you’re being bombarded with everything you NEED to be doing.  Whether it’s a new social networking website, a custom drip email campaign or updating your website for today’s market; you may feel your To Do list growing.  And, while these are all great things that you will want to look into if you haven’t already, we’re going to give you a list of what NOT to do as identified by Realtor Magazine. We thought we’d give you a break for a minute and give you a Don’t Do list.  Which means all you have to do is sit back, … (9 comments)

real estate: Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update from RealSupport! - 04/08/10 06:23 AM

real estate: How to Obtain a Successful Online Presence – So You Setup a Website, Now What? - 04/08/10 04:48 AM
One of Michael Russer’s recent blog posts, Refining Your Website for Greater Profits, addressed a very pressing question that we are often asked by our clients. That question is "How do I make my website work?" Some of our clients are completely clueless and others have a general idea, but most just don't have the time, energy or talent to implement the necessary  changes and additions for themselves. We have many answers to these questions and they all center around one common theme/goal: Creating a Successful Online Presence. Challenge #1: You don't know how/don't have the time:Unless you are completely skilled … (1 comments)

real estate: The New Norm - 04/08/10 02:41 AM
“This is the worst market I have ever seen.”“Business is so slow right now.” “I’m putting marketing on hold until things go back to the way they used to be.”If you really step back and think about these statements, not only are they negative, but after years of the market being where it is, they don’t really apply anymore. There comes a point when we have been in one position long enough, that we must accept the current market as our reality.  This market is the new normal. With that said, dump all of your negative thoughts and stop reminiscing about … (2 comments)

real estate: Tip of the Day: 4 Effective Ways to Establish Trust - 04/07/10 04:59 AM

You may have noticed in the past year or so an increasing hesitation in prospective clients as buyers and sellers are leery of jumping into the shaky real estate market.  And even though it seems that we are on the upswing this year, many may not be ready to throw themselves into fully trusting the economic stability.

Below you will find four great sales tactics that can transcend into building trust with potential clients and, therefore, turning prospects into clients.
1. Grab Their Attention with a Story.  This may seem juvenile, but people are drawn to stories as they find them … (2 comments)

real estate: The Power of a Checklist! - 03/23/10 08:51 AM
It doesn’t matter what it is.  Performing surgery, flying a plane or marketing a home; all of these things require some sort of checklist.  And while some may think checklists undermine intelligence or are a waste of time, they are vital in staying organized and on top of a task.  In his book, Checklist Manifesto, surgeon and best-selling author, Atul Gawande addresses this solution to the fact that "the volume and complexity of what we know has exceeded our individual ability to deliver its benefits correctly, safely, or reliably."  The checklist is our survival guide.Of course the checklist cannot always cover … (5 comments)

real estate: 5 Steps to a Perfect Drip Campaign - 03/23/10 02:06 AM
Pop Quiz. Have you ever run a drip email campaign for an entire year without one person hitting reply? If you answered yes, then you have been running a canned campaign.
We have all been on the other end of a drip campaign that we unsubscribe to as soon as possible. You know the type – cheesy, canned and so obviously not personally directed to you, the consumer. As a realtor, why would you ever want to be the source of that email for your potential clients? Here, we have the solution to all of your canned campaign problems – 5 … (8 comments)

real estate: Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update from RealSupport! - 03/11/10 03:12 AM

real estate: Is It Really Worth It? A Closer Look at Real Estate Photography’s Bottom Line - 12/15/09 05:16 AM
Due to the marketing power of the internet and the fact that 87%+ of buyers use this as their source for finding a home; it becomes clear that having eye catching photographs is vital! According to a study on Point2, the argument for real estate photography is clear.  After monitoring listings for a 30-day period the results showed that the listings with 20+ photos brought in over 15 times more views and nearly 10 times the leads as those listings with a single photo. An additional study showed that the average Days on Market had direct correlation to the number of … (4 comments)

real estate: Your Bi-Weekly Bright Idea Update from RealSupport! - 12/07/09 02:33 AM

real estate: The Skinny on Widgets - and some cool real estate ones we found! - 01/20/09 09:28 AM
First, some of you are probably wondering what a widget is. In short, widgets are a portable chunk of html code that can be installed on any other web based page. The cool thing about widgets is, someone else does the hard work for you, all you have to do is copy and paste and you have a new feature on your site. They are cost and time effective and a great way to spice up your website, blog, or any web page.A few examples of widgets:Oldies but Goodies:The Mortgage Calculator Widget - We have all seen these, a small calculator … (7 comments)

real estate: Makeover - 11/19/08 08:37 AM
An oldie, but a goodie, has undergone some pretty extensive updates in the past few weeks. A whole new look is part of the update, but the real question is, how will this update affect you?So far, we at RealSupport have only run into two major changes in how we enter our clients listings into Two Headlines vs. One now allows you to add two headlines to each of your listings. The headlines rotate every 20 seconds or so. Take this as an additional opportunity to boast about you and your property. We suggest using one "tagline" headline … (8 comments)

real estate: Vista Operating System vs. Microsoft 2007 Suite - 08/31/07 03:49 AM
I recently had a client send me the following issue and since most of my clients will be updating their computers over the next few years, I thought this might be a valuable post to help explain a few things.Question about Vista was the subject of this clients email."When I send a Word doc attachment to anyone it says name.docx and no one can open it. Do you have any ideas about how to fix this or is this a MS plot to convert everyone more quickly?"My Answer:This actually is not a VISTA issue, it is a Microsoft Word 2007 Issue.It … (1 comments)

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