realsupport inc: New Gmail Features Night Owls Should Know About - 04/07/19 08:29 PM
Night owls, rejoice! Gmail is unrolling new features that will make it possible to schedule your emails. This is good news for real estate agents, who are often catching up on email during the wee hours.  Here's the latest in Gmail functionality!
First, please note that there isn't an exact roll-out date for these upgrades, but they are reportedly in progress. Once your Gmail account has received the updates, scheduling emails will be a snap. All you have to do is select the "schedule" option in the drop-down box that will appear in the email's "send" button. You can schedule your email to be … (0 comments)

realsupport inc: Timing Your Real Estate Email Marketing - 03/16/19 10:45 PM
Studies by Adestra and DMA Insights show that email marketing remains an effective way to reach consumers. In fact, email beats social media when it comes to reaching your intended audience! This is because complex social media algorithms limit organic reach, while the majority of emails reach their inbox destinations. If you time your email campaigns strategically, your messages have a good chance of being noticed and read!
Multi-agency marketing studies show that Saturday mornings are the best time to email consumers about personal topics of interest. The ideal time of day is 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. For real estate marketing, the topics that are … (0 comments)

realsupport inc: Why Video Belongs in Your Social Media Strategy - 03/12/19 08:49 PM
Video is a must-have in your real estate social media strategy! According to Forbes, over 500 million Facebook users watched videos in their news feeds every day! Projections by Cisco predict that online videos will constitute over 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020. 
For best reach, your social media video should be created with these facts in mind:
Mobile is a must. Over 90% of Twitter videos are watched from a mobile device. Your video must be optimized for mobile viewing.
Your message should be entirely visual. Most viewers are checking social media feeds with their device volume turned off. About 85% … (1 comments)

realsupport inc: Do Click-Through Rates Affect Google Search Rank? - 02/26/19 09:45 PM
When someone finds your real estate website in a Google search, and clicks on your site link, does it give your website an automatic SEO boost? The impact of click through rates (CTR) on search engine ranking has been debated for years. Here's why the debate rages on - and what Google has confirmed. 
Google has said repeatedly that click-through rates do not give websites any SEO benefit. Despite this, web developers once theorized that CTR mattered for SEO, and would employ people to click on their website links from within search engines. This practice was not effective for SEO. However, it … (1 comments)

realsupport inc: Prepare Your Real Estate Content for Voice Search - 01/30/19 05:15 AM
Remember when all you had to worry about, was your real estate website showing up on the first page of Google? Those were the days! The SEO game is changing again as Amazon Echo (Alexa), Google Home Mini and Apple HomePod (Siri) and Cortana worm their way into residences throughout the U.S.
By the year 2020, it's predicted that over 21 million of these "smart speaker" personal assistant devices will be in use, with 50% of all Internet searches being conducted through voice-activated commands. 
With voice-activated search, the personal assistant device generates one top result in the audible response. How the assistant chooses the … (0 comments)

realsupport inc: How to deal with Facebook's latest pain-in-the-butt algorithm change - 01/26/18 12:21 AM
Ah, Facebook. The 900-lb social media gorilla that you can't ignore, with 2.07 billion monthly active users. But the bigger Facebook gets, the harder it is for them to keep people happy. For the past several years, Facebook's answer to the quandary of too much content, has been to diminish your slice of the organic-reach pie...especially if you're a business. 
Facebook's newest algorithm change puts "friends and family first" in the user experience, and strives to improve the quality of content. Fair enough. We've done some homework and brainstorming for you. We'll bottom-line what this latest Facebook change means - and what you can do about … (9 comments)

realsupport inc: A Holiday Wish to All! - 12/22/17 02:32 AM
It is just me, or has life become more hectic with technology, rather than simpler? Why is it, despite the advent of the time-saving conveniences of every imaginable type, do we seem busier than ever before?  
Why does 2017 feel like it went by in a heartbeat?
I've often found myself rushing through the holidays - as if they were one more thing to get done. Tree up and decorated! Check. Presents bought and wrapped! Check. Cookies burnt - er, baked! Check. Fa la la la  -- oops, it's over, pack it all up. Bye, see you next year.
Maybe it's the commercialization of the holidays … (0 comments)

realsupport inc: My Experience as a Real Estate "Lead" - 12/18/17 05:33 PM
Several weeks ago, I used the referral page of a national website. I thought it'd be interesting to share my experience, and see what you thought of it! 
Before I go further, I should disclose that I've worked in some facet of the real estate and mortgage industries for the vast majority of my career. So I have realistic expectations, and I understand the wild daily variety that comes with the turf.
Also, I conducted this experiment in good faith - I am truly a prospective home buyer and seller, and my timeline is sometime in the upcoming year or two. Probably what you'd … (1 comments)

realsupport inc: Show Your Gratitude and Grow Your Real Estate Business ! - 11/15/17 01:31 AM
“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life, is the foundation for all abundance.” Eckhart Tolle
You may have heard that practicing gratitude yields proven scientific benefits, including better health and improved productivity. When we show gratitude, and when we receive it back, our brains release dopamine, an organic chemical that acts as a neurotransmitter. In short, we light up physically, cognitively and emotionally.
According to an article in Psychology Today, showing gratitude also improves your personal relationships, and helps you gain new friends and contacts. In turn, this widening sphere opens the door to new opportunities. When we express … (3 comments)

realsupport inc: Will Pumpkin Spice Sell a Home Faster? - 10/03/17 09:19 PM
The Pumpkin Spice Latte is the #1 selling drink at Starbucks, steaming up $80 million dollars a year in sales. Since its introduction in 2003, about 200 million pumpkin spice lattes have been served.
The popularity helped fuel the pumpkin spice craze that has become a $500 million dollar industry, with the flavor infused in everything from breakfast cereals to yogurts to pizza crusts.
Yet it isn’t the flavor alone that drives consumers mad over pumpkin spice products. It’s the scent, and the psychological associations that go along with it.
These products are deliberately crafted to trigger emotions. Pumpkin spice scents are … (0 comments)

realsupport inc: Emotions and Real Estate Decisions - 09/27/17 04:51 PM
Real estate is a people business - which means it's an emotional business! This is no surprise to real estate agents who have been both coaches of encouragement and shoulders to cry on for their clients. While some clients apply a good deal of logic and pragmatism to their real estate decisions, science tells us that the decision-making process itself is largely emotional.
In fact, neuroscientist Antonio Damasio found that brain-damaged patients who lacked emotion often struggled with basic decisions, despite having solid reasoning skills. The lack of an emotional stake in any given matter can lead to apathy, indecision, and inaction.

realsupport inc: Communicating with Millennial Real Estate Clients - 08/01/17 11:59 PM
Imagine that the ideal listing just became available for your Millennial-generation homebuyer clients. You make a quick phone call to them, hoping to speak directly so you can share all the exciting details. The phone rings several times, then your call is dumped to voice mail.
Sound familiar? While it might be unfair to generalize, Millennials are the first generation to use a phone for practically everything except making or receiving calls. According to a May 2017 article published in Forbes, Millennials have a genuine aversion to speaking on the phone. They much prefer to text or email, which enables them to … (1 comments)

realsupport inc: How a Way with Words can Win a Listing - 07/25/17 03:03 AM
If you use scripts in your real estate business, you may already be familiar with assumptive language. In a nutshell, using assumptive langauge means giving your prospective seller easy ways to say "yes" to you!
For example, when you call your prospective seller, he or she may already be a bit on the defensive; potentially interested in selling, but not ready to commit to a particular agent or timeline. Pushing this type of lead into an appointment-or-else choice can result in a fast "no."
But if you ask that same prospect an open-ended question, it allows conversation to develop. Something like, … (1 comments)

realsupport inc: 7 Stress-Reducing Tips for Real Estate Agents - 05/29/17 11:42 PM
The peak season for the real estate market is here! Pressure builds as the phone calls, emails, client appointments, home showings and closings keep you in a whirlwind of activity. Even the most upbeat agent can feel overwhelmed by multiple demands. 
If you skip meals and shorten your sleep to keep up with the pace, your ability to focus can be affected, reducing productivity and escalating stress. Here are 7 ways to manage stress and regain personal balance, according to the American Psychological Association and other sources!
1. Have consistent work hours. Communicate these to your clients and stick to them. Use auto-responders … (3 comments)

realsupport inc: Why Facebook Ads Matter to Your Real Estate Business - 05/16/17 01:29 AM
If you haven’t used Facebook ads in your real estate marketing lately, consider these facts. Facebook has nearly 2 billion global members who use it monthly, and 1.2 billion global members who use it every day. By itself, Facebook accounts for about 43% of all digital advertising growth.
According to the Pew Research Center, Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the U.S, with about 79% of online Americans registered as users. The demographic variety of users on Facebook is an advertiser’s dream, covering a wide swath of age groups, locations, education levels and income brackets.
During 2016, Facebook … (1 comments)

realsupport inc: When Will Real Estate Investors Sell Their Properties? - 04/22/17 09:12 PM
You’re familiar with these expressions – what goes up, must come down. Trees don’t grow to the sky forever. Yet residential real estate investment is red hot, with no signs of slowing down. Investors who grabbed single-family homes at bargain prices during the Great Recession are raking in handsome rental incomes, enjoying cash flow while building equity.
The media continues to promote the idea that being a landlord is a no-fail path to riches. This view is bolstered by the fact that historically, real estate performs well. (As long as one remembers that you make money when you buy wisely!)
As the … (1 comments)

realsupport inc: How to Handle the Commission Discount Request - 04/18/17 11:15 PM
Real estate agents have myriad responsibilities that consumers do not always think about, nor appreciate. In markets where listings are lean and sellers have the upper hand, it’s not unusual to get pushback when it comes to commission.
Articulating your unique value proposition online helps get you into the client’s home. But when your client is sitting in front of you, seeking a discounted commission in return for their signature on the listing contract, what can you do?
If your online presence is strong, odds are your prospect has already vetted you, and wants you to handle the home sale. They … (3 comments)

realsupport inc: Words of Wisdom for New Real Estate Agents - 04/18/17 08:58 PM
Thousands of new real estate agents enter the industry each year – and each year, thousands of them leave it. The truth is, a real estate career isn’t as easy as it looks! It’s a demanding, time-consuming, complicated business rife with risks, stress and expenses. It takes time to build a brand, grow a lead database and earn commissions.
There is no single solution to ensuring success. But there is one thing than can help make a powerful difference: attitude. There are certain traits and attitudes that lend themselves to success in any endeavor. Here are examples from top producers and … (0 comments)

realsupport inc: New Blogging Tips for Real Estate Agents - 03/28/17 10:49 PM
Read any good real estate blogs lately? If so, you might have noticed that the blogosphere is changing! Gone are the days of keyword-stuffed prattle where the mindless repeat of “sell your home” was the goal. And while tags, meta descriptions and keywords remain important for search engine optimization, Google algorithms are ever-changing. Here are current blogging tips to help you attract today’s readers while keeping your SEO strong!
1. Google prioritizes the mobile user experience when ranking content. If your blog site isn’t already optimized for mobile, you’re losing SEO position fast.
2. Tagged photos and videos boost your blog’s SEO. … (2 comments)

realsupport inc: Using Persuasion in Listing Presentations - 02/13/17 10:09 PM
With listings being harder to come by in some markets, the art of persuasion could make the difference in your next listing presentation! If you’ve had difficulty in converting seller prospects to active clients, it may be time to modify your technique. Here are some persuasion tips from Inc. magazine, which we’ve customized for real estate professionals!
Promote a positive outcome. Instead of saying, “Pricing your home too high will cause it to linger on the market,” say “Pricing your home correctly attracts motivated buyers and strong offers!”
Demonstrate confidence. This doesn’t mean being pushy or arrogant. Find out what is most … (2 comments)

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